Friday, January 23, 2009

From the Formerly Great Britain

The Coast Guards are now required to fill out a form before rescuing vessels in distress.
Yesterday, one coastguard said: 'When we were first told about this, we simply couldn't believe it.
I'd say that you guys are so screwed, but I fear that you have company on this side of the pond now.

Well, thank God for the Royal National Lifeboat Service. They're a registered charity, rather than the UK.Gov, so they'll still rescue people. Well done, chaps.

Via the Drawn Cutlass, a very interesting new-to-me blog.


Bob said...

Thanks kindly for the link and for blogrolling me. I'll return the favor, of course.


Eagle said...

Uh... so what happens if you're out of forms?

"Ahoy! Sorry, but we can't help you. Paperwork. We're sure you understand. Have a nice day!"