Thursday, January 29, 2009

People Eating Tasty Animals

So am I done mocking PETA?  Moi?

The best sort of PETA folks are found over at Sometimes Far Afield.  If you like Brigid* - shoot it and then cook it - you'll like this.

Well, I like it.  So go read.  Besides, who doesn't like this?
Interested in a shotgun with Damascus or twist steel barrels?
Like I said, go read.  Now.

* What's the difference between Brigid and me?  Other than she's (a lot) better looking?  Or cooks better?

You'll actually see her out hunting at 5:30AM.


Home on the Range said...

5:30? 5:30 is for sissies!


Borepatch said...

Heh. I'm doing good to hit something at 5:30 *PM*.

Other than a nice martini ...