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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quote of the Day - Politics begins anew edition

Ok Tea Party, start your engines in earnest this time. Get nasty, really nasty. And all you Republican apparatchiks? Help the Tea Party drive the Big Government Republicans from office and drum them out the party, because not only are they The Enemy, they keep loosing elections and that can negatively impact your precious careers and that, even if you are almost all amoral scum no better than the Democrats you purport to oppose, should get your undivided attention.
That's actually the perfect combination of inspiringly high-minded and breathlessly cynical.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to disagree with! The only hope this country has is for tea party people to drive RINOs out and take over the party from bottom up.

Jay G said...

I hate loosing elections.

Cormac said...

I'm more than a little shocked that people are still throwing the "Conservative" matle around...

When you have 5 people standing on a stage, disagreeing, claiming to be "the real conservative in this race" and all of them are telling the truth...

The word doesn't mean anything anymore.

And the social conservatives, more often than not, seem to be little more than a different flavor of statist.