Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Well bless her heart

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has a new ad out, highlighting opponent Stacy Abrams' remark that Georgia was the "worst State to live [in]."  After playing Abrams' statement, the narrator says "Bless her heart."

For folks up in Yankeeland, this is taking the gloves off.

Now I'm not a big Brian Kemp fan (the best Governor of Goergia in all the years I lived there was the late, great Zell Miller).  I guess we'll see how the Georgia voters react to this very southern mockery.  I mean, just because you're insulting someone doesn't mean you can't be polite.

And so, a Southern parable on politeness:

Two Southern Belles see each other at a School reunion.  While they had been friends Back In The Day, they had lost track of each other in the years since.  Here's the conversation as they catch up on what's been happening.

Belle #1: I married the most wonderful man.  On our first wedding anniversary be bought me this fur coat.

Belle #2: Oh, how nice!

Belle #1: And on our second wedding anniversary he bought me this diamond ring.

Belle #2: Oh, how nice!

Belle #1: And on our third anniversary he bought me a Merceded-Benz.

Belle #2: Oh, how nice!

Belle #1: So are you married?

Belle #2: Oh yes.

Belle #1: Does he buy you things?

Belle #2: Yes, he bought me etiquette lessons.

Belle #1: Etiquette lessons??!?

Belle #2: Oh yes.  Before the lessons I used to tell people "Fuck you."  Now I say "How nice!'

The Queen Of The World tells this in a sweet, syrupy southern accent which makes it even funnier.


Rickvid in the Yakima Valley said...

Yep, not unlike the Brits saying, "Indeed," as in, "That's very nice, indeed."

Check out "It's A Southern Thing"
( and the "Southern Women Channel," featuring "Sh%t Southern Women Say." ( Bless your heart.

Old NFO said...

Oh so true... Multiple female cousins from Georgia...

LindaG said...

Bless her heart is indeed polite. 😉
You all be safe and God bless!

Greg said...

The one I like is when a Southern woman asks: "What did you say?" She's not asking you to repeat it, and it's definitely time to leave the premises.

Ygolonac said...

I always heard that joke as an older Sicilian/Italian woman, "At'sa nice", and "Bullsheet".