Saturday, June 11, 2022

Quote Of The Day: the fish rots from the head edition

Larry Lambert brings it:

Imagine that you are in a trench somewhere, waiting for your commander-in-chief, creepy Joe Brandon to order you over the top into wire, pre-sighted artillery, land mines, and enemy machineguns for the glory of the regime

And then ask yourself why the US military is falling way short on enlistment quotas.

It’s not just the tranny thing or the “let’s all be queer” mantras that the generals and admirals chant.

It's an interesting post with a lot more, including Alexander the Great.  Joe Biden is no Alexander the Great.


HMS Defiant said...

I'm sure he has the facts correct.
When I retired about 12 years ago what killed recruiting was:
cannot have been convicted of domestic violence
cannot have a record of drug use
cannot have any criminal convictions other than minor ones
cannot have a DUI conviction
high school or GED mandatory

the manhood of this place is greatly diminished
and frankly, we're about post Vietnam.

riverrider said...

and retention nco's are crying in their beers, while hoping they don't get nixxed before they make their 20 years. i know troopers thinking about bailing that have 15 or 16 years already. most of the good ones with less time already bailed out.

Maniac said...

The feminization of our boys has played a part, I'm sure. Can you picture your average soy-boy in Marine receiving? They'd be reduced to a quivering mound in seconds.