Saturday, June 25, 2022

14 years around the sun

Today is our 14th blogiversary.

It's a bit odd to still be blogging - most folks have moved on to other, more modern platforms.  Some have hung it up, like Miguel.  Others don't post much, or about anything of note - Not Clauswitz only posts about the weather.

I can't say that I blame them.  Say Uncle used to say that he did this for him, not for you.  It's a good rule but I can understand the feeling that you've said pretty much everything you have to say, twice.

The Queen Of The World has helped - it was her idea to post Dad Jokes which has lightened the mood here.  She also suggested movie soundtracks on Sunday when I was quite simply running out of ideas for what classical music to post.  She's not just a pretty face, she's pretty smart and creative.

Quite frankly, it's hard to keep the creativity up year in and year out, so I'm thankful for all the help I get from her.  And I'm grateful to co-blogger ASM826 who's been helping out here for eight years now.

14 years, 13316 posts, 49483 comments, 11,355,369 views - it's been quite a ride.  I'm very grateful for all of you who stop by.  As a thank you to our regular readers, all blog content will be 100% free of charge today!


SiGraybeard said...

Congrats, Borepatch!

I suspect that blogging is going to fade away. Well, the fading away that's going on now will speed up. Where to? YouTube influencer? Instagram?

Really, if Google canned blogger, I'm not sure where I'd go. I don't have the ass for Instagram, and I wouldn't pay to start up somewhere else.

Rev. Paul said...

Congrats on making it for so long. It's not easy.

michigan doug said...

Thank you for the free candy.
You have great content, even the corny jokes.

Sam said...

Congratulations. You made it a lot longer that I did.

I just checked my old blog (wordpress). My first post was 28 Aug 2009 and my last post was 24 Oct 2018. I still check it a couple of times a week to look at my links to reference for something. Also the check the RSS feeds.

This is one from Russia Insider that mentions some history we all know about (maybe):

Keep up the good work.

Cederq said...

You are one my daily reads Borepatch. I have taken the reins at Phil's blog as a co-host at Bustnuckles and I think it has been a good match up, much as your co-host ASM 826 is. I too enjoy his postings and insight. I hope the blogging platforms continue, a place where us old farts can belch and fart and risk ridicule with fellow travelers. These platforms are the replacement of where men use to going to bars/taverns, coffee around the old wood stove at teh hardware store or garage.

Unknown said...

Congrats, Borepatch!


Tacitus said...

Will Blogging fade away? In one sense, no. It is just story telling. That has always been with us from the days when the subject matter was Mastadons. Of course this particular format is less popular but that should not surprise anyone. It is long form, attention requiring material.

We live in the age of electronic chittering. Even those of us who have the benefit of age and an adequate education find ourselves less attentive. Anybody here who is not picking up a book, reading the first ten pages and saying "nah"?

A really interesting question is how anybody forms opinions these days. It is most relevant to those who knew not The Before Times, but true of us all.

Anywayz I'm at 11 years and counting at Detritus of Empire. I think you should throttle back to a predictable schedule. I do 3X week and mostly manage.

Standing offer if you need a bit of reinforcement. I'd be happy to toss up a guest post weekly or thereabouts. Frankly there is hunting related stuff my readers don't care about and political stuff that would give many of my friends and relatives the vapors.


BobF said...

Pretty much a daily read here -- have to stay up on thoughts way out west, very relatively speaking :-) and get my occasional groan or two (thank you QoTW). I think you win the award for Blog Universe Greatest Variety of Content, too.

In any case, congrats on the milestone, and I am thankful you (two) are here/there/whatever.

Wondering if the primate in the photo might be from Lowry Park..., but probably not.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Glad to see you've found something constructive to do with your time! Congratulations!

OldAFSarge said...

Congratulations BP!

You keep writing, we'll keep reading!

John Fisher said...

Thank you!

Matthew W said...

"It's a bit odd to still be blogging - most folks have moved on"
It's fun to see how many people have blogs for 6 months to 12 months and never more !!!
I am truly impressed with the people that can put ups a quality post every day (or more often)

Midwest Chick said...

Congrats BP! Always look forward to your words and am glad you've stuck with it!

LindaG said...

Congratulations to you all, Borepatch. Be safe and God bless.

Old NFO said...

Well done sir! And yes, we've heard blogs are going away for the last 5-6 years, but we're still here!!!

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Borepatch;

Congratulation!!! and Tell the Queen "Thanks for the Dad Jokes" I use them much to the chagrin of my wife :D

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Congrats! Keep going! I'm coming up on fifteen years soon. You make some good long distance friends through blogging, YTubing, and Fbooking. A day is not complete without a new post.

Jonathan H said...

Congratulations, please keep it up. I check you every day or every other day.

As mentioned above, some form of story telling will always be around, and blogging is more thoughtful than the short careless posts that many put on social media.

Tami Von Zalez said...

Happy blogiversary - I too have been a long-term blogger, hanging on to the last vestiges of this platform. I have considered TikTok but am pretty sure there will be something new and whizzier to take its place eventually.

I have been a follower of yours for some time, I rarely comment and enjoy all of your posts.

blogger said...

Thank you, everyone. TQOTW and I sure appreciate the comments.

- Borepatch

libertyman said...

Thank you Borepatch, you have made a real contribution to "the increase and the diffusion of knowledge", as it says at the Smithsonian.

Many thanks for the education and enlightenment as well as the entertainment.

Phil said...

A day late as usual.
Many best wishes for another fourteen go rounds!
Fourteen years of blogging is pretty much a geologic age.
There has to have been a million blogs come and go in that timeframe.
It also means you are really stubborn.

Glen Filthie said...

Happy birthday BP. Stay with us. And get that no-good ASM to post more too...