Thursday, June 23, 2022

In praise of Mitch McConnell

No, really.

Long time readers will know that I don't have much use for Mitch.  But it is unlikely that today's gun control win - one that drives a stake in "May Issue" licensing - would have happened if he hadn't put Merick Garland's SCOTUS nomination on hold in 2015.  Today's 6-3 majority would have at a minimum been 5-4, and the case very well might never have made it to SCOTUS because the justices can also count votes.  This might not have been seen by the conservatives on the court as the hill to die on.

Yes, the GOP turn coats will see a new gun control bill passed, thanks to Mitch.  But today is without a doubt two steps forward, one step back.

Astute readers will see this as forward progress. 

UPDATE 23 JUNE 2022 14:25:  David Koppel thinks this ruling is a big deal, and doesn't seem very worried about the new gun control bill.  I hope he's right.  Clayton Cramer looks into his crystal ball and predicts how the new bill will play out.  I expect a lot of litigation on the vague parts, and suspect that Congress knows that most of this will be struck down but wants to be seen as "doing something".  Whatevs.

And quote of the day goes to Sebastian:

Long term it’s probably best not to rely on the Courts for protection. Just ask Planned Parenthood how well that’s working out for them. But we can use these reprieves to help repair the gun culture in these jurisdictions if the restrictions lighten things up a little. This is not over. There will never be a death blow to the desire of the nobility to control the serfs. Nonetheless we should use the circumstances presented to us for maximal advantage.

UPDATE 23 JUNE 2022 15:24: I haven't been feeling well, but that's no excuse for not pointing out that the hat tip to the article came in from Dwight via email. He's your go-to guy for obituaries and it sounds like more than a couple of The Usual Suspects will have aneurysms from this.

UPDATE 23 JUNE 2022 16:52: Carl Bussjaeger has a long post analyzing why this is likely a much bigger win for our community than many realize.  He seems to think that this may gut (or at least hobble) "Red Flag" laws.


Ed Bonderenka said...

A major portent of the disposition of the upcoming red flag laws hitting SCOTUS eventually.

libertyman said...

Yes, but Garland is still around and part of the anti constitutional cabal. You are right to thank McConnell for keeping Garland off the SCOTUS.

Aesop said...

Bitch McConjob is as useful as an engine or a compass on an airplane...that works properly some of the time.

If KY's GOP can't do better than him, they need to stop the inbreeding, and import someone from somewhere else if necessary, and put him out to pasture.

matism said...

Hate to break this to you, Aesop, but if they import someone, it probably would be Cankles! Or even Mittens.

Richard said...

The last link was the best but then I am a detail freak and this had more. As others have pointed out, there are numerous ways that the anti-self defense people will try to get around this. Expansion of gun free zones, insurance, onerous training requirements/costs, slow-walking of applications etc. I expect the Circuit Courts to continue their attempts at nullification so it will take much more litigation and return trips to the Supreme Court.

Fortunately, our guys seem prepared and excited about doing this.