Sunday, June 19, 2022

Happy Father's Day

Wolfgang got me a sweet rifle cleaning box/stand.  All my cleaning stuff fits nicely in it, and the carrying handle means I can take it to the range and clean the rifles after shooting them there.  And it's made in the USA.

It's a very nice relaxing day in Florida.  Hope you have one, too.

UPDATE 19 JUNE 2022 15:37:  Man, that Garand was filthy.  I used half a package of bore patches and now it's only a little dirty.  I've only put maybe 100 rounds through it, so it must have come dirty from CMP.  They didn't replace the barrel, so I suspect that there's some ROK soldier who got away from his last range day without cleaning it.

And I am shooting mil-surp .30-06, which could be dirty.  With this cleaning case/stand I don't have an excuse for not having a sparkling clean barrel.

The Queen Of The World brought out a bowl of warm Murphy's Oil Soap and it turns out that the stock was also filthy.  After a good scrub and some Liquid Gold, it shines good enough for a parade ground .

I guess I need to do the same on the Enfield now ...

And in answer to the questions in the comments, the box is made out of heavy duty plastic.  You would never shoot from this on the bench, but it looks like it would handle the WWII rifles, hunting rifles and shotguns, and ARs.  And since it's plastic it would catch any spills of Hoppe's or Ed's Red.  I didn't even unroll my cleaning mat.  

And all the cleaning stuff fits in the box when it's closed up.  Nifty.  I'm pretty darn happy with this.


Michael said...

Very nice, how do keep excess cleaning solutions out of that open box?

libertyman said...

Hmmmm. Caould that be used for an AR build as well? Was that from MTM ?
Looks good, I didn't know Wolfgang was a Prime member.

ASM826 said...

If the bore on the Garand was that dirty, it's time you field strip it and clean the rest. The gas system and semi-automatic nature of the Garand means that it should be done on the regular.

Glen Filthie said...

That's awesome, BP. Love it!

I was going to buy one decades ago but was poverty stricken because we had just bought the house, a new truck and had kids, pets and life... so I built a gun cleaning cradle out of some scrap MDF I had laying around. I figured that once I was rich and fabulously wealthy like you - I'd throw my home made one in the fire pit and buy a proper one like yours.

30 years later... and I have become attached to the old beater, HAR HAR HAR!

You better jump on that cleaning too. Not to mention any names - but you have enemies among the gunnies with M1A's, no sense of propriety or sportsmanship, and they will cheat on their score cards too.

Not mentioning any names of course... ;)

B said...

Try using Strike Hold for cleaning your metal parts and barrel.

I used to sell it, it is a good product. soak the barrel overnight and you'll be amazed at how much crap comes out. Do the gas tube and piston as well.