Friday, June 3, 2022

A Borepatch Presidential endorsement

I like the cut of this fellow's jib. If you do too, then forward this on in whatever social media platform you like - let's make some actual patriotism go viral.

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Today I was asked why I am running for President, and why should people vote for me?  Below is my answer.Thank you for the question. Why am I running for President?  The short answer is because the U.S Constitution says I can and my conscience says I must.Why should people vote for me?  I do not believe the Office of President should be reserved for insiders, professional politicians or power hungry Americans.  The President is granted the power and authority to lead by the American People.  Therefore, I believe the President must engage in effective and efficient efforts to serve the American people. The President should not beholden to follow strict party rules. The President must act on conscience and make decisions that are in the best interests of All Americans.I hurt to see so much division in this nation I so dearly love.  I am outraged by the erosion of our Constitutional freedoms and Liberties.  I believe too many American Citizens have stopped believing in "The American Dream".  There is apathy among Americans to engage in the political process. The talking heads host "Opinion Editorial Programs" on most of our news channels.  The American People fail to recognize the difference between journalism and unbiased facts versus their favorite news talk show.  The Free Press must be preserved.  This right comes with the responsibility to report truth and facts.I do not believe in "Alternative Facts".  There is only one "Truth".  While I understand some Presidents rightfully feel the media is biased against them, the idea of presenting "Alternative Facts" is absurd.  In my opinion we could call that propaganda. I will serve in the best interests of All Americans.  I will not cater to any one person, organization, political party, or P.A.C.  The only thing the President should be obligated to is the Constitution and the American Citizens. We have a mass propaganda system in place which has been cleverly designed to divide our nation.  If the "Powers that Be" can manipulate the majority of Americans then they are able to do harm unto our Republic.  If we are blind and ignorant we fall for these propaganda agendas.If the politicians can get us to oppose one another then we take our eyes off of them.  When we broadly categorize every Democrat as a socialist and every Republican as a fascist who benefits?  Not the American People.When any politician or political party actively engages in efforts to subvert the American Government or the Constitution they are dead wrong.  Freedom of Speech must be protected but it should be used in a responsible manner.  Elected officials must be held to a higher standard.  In my opinion, if anyone or any party takes action to undermine our Democratic Constitutional Republic they must be held accountable. Today we have a far left and a far right.  Do either really serve the best interests of Americans?  No.  If someone attempts to create a socialist government or a fascist dictatorship both are wrong and should be deemed as an "Enemy of the State".We must unify and unite our nation.  Today our youth spends less time learning about American History, The Constitution, Civics and Social Studies than at any time in our past.  In fact some schools make American History and Social Studies an elective class. If we don't understand the Founding principles of our Republic how can we recognize the erosion of our nation.  If we do not engage in Social Studies how can we learn to accept cultural diversity and perspectives.  If we allow the population to operate in fear of one another due to ignorance, how do we create an all inclusive nation which promotes "Assimilation"? We need real change.  One person cannot do it alone.  The President cannot implement change without the support and confidence of the American People.I hope this helps answer the questions and again, thank you.Respectfully,Mickey G. Rose for President Of The United States 2024


LindaG said...

I couldn't get your link to work; but found him here:

juvat said...

I agree with what he says, but have never heard of him. Hopefully, he will gain some momentum, but...the democrats MUST be defeated. Else we are through as a country. We do not need someone siphoning off votes who hasn't much chance to win.

Will said...

A) "If we do not engage in Social Studies how can we learn to accept cultural diversity and perspectives."

B) " do we create an all inclusive nation which promotes "Assimilation"?"

C) "We need real change."

D) "...or a fascist dictatorship"

E) "The Free Press must be preserved."

F) "Democratic Constitutional Republic."?
He says lots of good things, BUT, lots of sneaky things that sound nice, but are real problem causing issues.

A) Social Studies is the traditional way to indoctrinate students in place of learning how things used to work, and where things go wrong when you stop paying attention. In other words: History.

B) All inclusive is a joke, since "assimilation" DOES NOT WORK.

C) CHANGE is how Obama the Lightbringer screwed things up so badly. Race relations were much better until he began to deliberately screw with it.

D) False dichotomy. That is not what the GOP has ever attempted. The label is used to make the right side look much worse, especially to those who have no sense of actual history of socialism and communism.

E) Not sure what he thinks a Free Press is, but it hasn't been seen since the founding, pretty much. One of the problems is that the people NOW don't understand that the press almost always has a built-in bias, in addition to the fact that the Left considers 'THE TRUTH" to be whatever it decides it is, facts be damned. The fact that the MSM is a near wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party doesn't seem to be understood.

F) I don't recall "democratic" being part of the label "Constitutional Republic".

Fred_F said...

In the first paragraph he wrote:

"The President is granted the power and authority to lead by the American People. "

This is incorrect, and just plain wrong-think, so I stopped reading there. The President is elected to preside over the executive branch of Federal government. The President is a public servant, and as such should be expected to do the job competently, honestly, transparently, and to always act within the limits imposed by the Constitution.

P.S. It seems he is this Mickey G. Rose, and is just trying to further his motivational malarkey business with his POTUS nonsense:

HMS Defiant said...

No one man can change what we have for government and an outsider is just Trump in spades. The Executive matters hugely but without the Legislature, it's a shadows and smoke. Trump didn't have any backing from the uniparty and it showed. Ruling by executive decree is wrong on so many levels. Watching the moron sign 17 executive decrees on his first day was a miraculous sign of failure.
I used to enjoy watching Nigel Farage in the EU and quite enjoy Rand Paul. You might say that I don't take politics at all seriously anymore. I'd agree.

Antibubba said...

Promise me more free stuff, and I'll consider it.