Thursday, February 13, 2020

Save the environment - clearcut the forest

Well, the Scottish forest:
excluding wind farms on privately owned woodlands, we end up with figures

6994 hectares were felled

13.9 million trees were felled.

I suggest another FOI request be made for windfarms on peat bogs, especially in the Flow Country.
Now this is just Scotland.
It would be interesting to get the figures for England  and Wlaes on how many trees have felled, hectares of farmland lost, and hectares of moorland and peatbog affected.
The greenies cut down 14 million trees to put up windmills.  All in the name of "saving the environment".  And this is just in Scotland.  We know it's going on other places because we've seen this before:
These towers are being installed in one of the FEW locations in the state where there is no evidence the area has EVER been logged. Now there will be 30 concrete platforms and a 30' wide gravel road across the top of these ridges. Why don't we install the towers, 1 on top of each of those skyscrapers in the cities? Those are already an eye sore, can't make them any worse. This project is turning 'God's Country' into disaster.
And before:
The Danish environment minister Troels Lund Poulsen decided, on behalf of the government, on 30th September 2009, that the clearing of 15 km2 of forest in the north west of Denmark will take place. A test centre for the development of offshore windmills is planned to take up 30 km2 of land in the Thy region, near Østerild. 
It's all chasing subsidies.  Oh well, at least it isn't using electric lights at night to power solar arrays.


SiGraybeard said...

All the calls for "renewable energy" miss one vitally important fact.

The world was completely on renewable energy until the use of petroleum for fuels. It was called burning trees. Petroleum saved the environment and especially the cities, where horse manure (and flies and disease) were rampant.

Everyone with even a touch of honesty that has done the calculations knows the "glamor renewables" of solar panels and wind turbines can't replace petroleum. If we go back to burning trees, there won't be a tree left standing in the world in just a few years. And cities will be buried in horse manure.

Beans said...

It's not about power - that which gives us light and refrigeration and all the modern things that keep us alive.

It's about power - to control us, to subjugate us.

Funny how 'renewable energy' actually makes us less free.

Aesop said...

Don't forget the follow-on phenomenon: the epic bird chopping.

markshere2 said...

Solar panel manufacturing is extremely dirty, but it happens in china, so the greenies can pretend it does not affect them

Windmills and solar panels cannot even pay back the energy sunk into manufacturing them!

When they fail, they cannot be recycled completely, so we wind up with more crap in landfills.

Richard said...

Trees, of course, provide renewable energy so the Brits are burning them in lieu of coal. This is probably what happened to the Scottish trees. The UK is importing boatloads of timber from Canada for the same purpose.

libertyman said...

As I recall, they had cut down all the trees in Scotland to make charcoal years ago, and had to make an effort to replace them.
What's another 100 year wait?

ProudHillbilly said...

Your first sentence. It's ok if a little annonymous brown person has to suffer the consequences of making something that makes greenies feel superior.