Friday, February 14, 2020

Her funny valentine

I may be funny (err, not in the "Ha Ha" way), but I'm her funny valentine.

This is a great performance for Valentine's Day.  If you're lucky, you'll share it with someone who doesn't have any idea just how amazing they are to you.  Err, like The Queen Of The World doesn't understand quite how wonderful I think she is.

Which is strange, because I find that I wrote my Valentine to her a while back:

(originally posted 7 October 2017, on the anniversary of the motorcycle accident that joined us together.  I know, romantic.  Amirite?)

The day I fell for her

Three years ago today, The Queen Of The World and I were on a motorcycle trip to the beach. We'd only been dating a few weeks, and she was fun (and pretty as a picture), so off we went.

It ended in an accident. The bike went down fast, and hard. I broke a lot of bones and was in the ICU for days. Fortunately the fall didn't hurt her badly.

But I was the lucky one, because over the next few days I saw what an extraordinary woman she was. She arranged a rental car and trailer, got the bike loaded, and got the (very drugged up on pain killers) Borepatch home. And then took care of me for the weeks it took me to heal.

She could have run from a suddenly high maintenance (and often grumpy and rarely much fun) Borepatch. She didn't.

It was an unusual experience for me to be wrapped up in unconditional love and care. A nice experience. REALLY nice.

Unconditional, even when I was stubborn and dumb, like trying to get back in the saddle before I was capable, like trying to drive the manual shift Jeep with my arm in a sling. To this day I've never seen her as angry. She knew I would hurt myself, which I did. In her mind I was under her care, and I was messing myself up because of hard headedness. She hated to see me hurt myself.

And so I realized that I hadn't fallen three feet that day, I'd fallen hopelessly in love with an extraordinary woman. Sure she was fun (and pretty as a picture), but she also was fiercely loyal and had a spine of tempered steel. I didn't stand a chance, and quite frankly would have had to have been the biggest fool on earth to let her get away.

Three years later we're coming up on our second wedding anniversary. That was sure a lucky fall, one that opened my eyes to the amazing woman who was right in front of me.


STxAR said...

You may be hard headed, but you're no fool.

Good on you! I hope you guys have a great rest-of-your-life.

libertyman said...

Yes, you are a lucky man.

Best wishes to you both on Valentine's day.

HMS Defiant said...

i know the feeling.

Lucky. That's what we are.

Aesop said...

Bravo, on the video (I loved that audition) and on the QOTW.

Both aces.

Best Wishes.

Glen Filthie said...

Sometimes the good guys DO win, BP!!! Best of luck to you both!!!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Hail to the Queen!