Sunday, February 2, 2020

Why The Queen Of The World and I will not watch the Superbowl

NFL rejects "Stand for the Flag" advert:

NFL allows Michael Bloomberg's gun control ad.

Remember when the NFL banned a pro-second amendment ad a few years back?

Screw you guys.  Just when it seems like saner heads might prevail and let the whole festering pustule stop swelling and oozing, the jackwagons running the NFL clown show shoot themselves in the foot.  Again.

Sideways with a chainsaw.  I don't need to watch your dumb game to see the funny ads anymore because they're all online.  This one is really funny, and has a cameo who will be recognizable to Red Sox fans:

UPDATE 2 February 2020 20:25:  I have to say that The Queen Of The World and I are enjoying the Puppy Bowl way more than I expected.  Wolfgang isn't paying any attention, but TQOTW tells stories about her old Golden Retriever, Skipper.  He would watch with doggie fascination.

And speaking of Golden Retrievers, the Suburu adverts are simply brilliant:


michigan doug said...

Yeah ok. Then the people next to him can't open their doors.
His new car might not look new anymore.

Adrienne said...

My Sonata is the best car I've ever owned - evah!

We will be watching Once Upon a Time in the West and eating Super Bowl food.

ProudHillbilly said...

One of my very favorite movies!

Ritchie said...

I've always had a complete lack of interest in sportsball. Perhaps I lack some obscure vitamin. Trying to figure out how to take it to negative integers

libertyman said...

My theory is that all professional sports are headed towards the same level that big time wrestling has been for years now. Soon they will have a quarterback appear as the Masked Marvel. Look at the idiotic antics when someone makes a good play or scores a touchdown. If that isn't showbiz I don't know what it is.
Plus four hours to play a 6o minute game? I will pass. (so to speak)

Beans said...

I've done sports. Meh, soccer. Meh, football. Zzzzzz meh, toss ball at bat sports.

Love watching horse jumping, both arena and cross-country. Mrs. Andrew and I clinch our guts and pull our legs as if we're riding the horse.

And, because I used to, I love watching Historic/semi-Historic European Martial Arts. Nothing like watching a good shield scrum.

Otherwise, sportsmoneyball or left-turn-only-racing have all converged or listed to the left.

Rather watch off-shore sailing races.

LSP said...

Not watching here. They Left have ruined it, as they ruin all things.

Glen Filthie said...

Holy mackaral. I thought it was just me and a few dangerously disgruntled dissidents cutting the cord on Sportzball.😉👍