Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Yoko Windsor

It's funny because it's true.

The TV was on and the (ex?) Royal couple came on.  The Queen Of The World coined the nickname in the post title.  I laughed for ten minutes.


Murphy(AZ) said...

What is wrong with those two?

Your days are golden forever; guaranteed income, travel where and whenever you want, people kissing your royal bums wherever you go. Sure, sometimes you have to wear silly hats, or you have to dress up like Barbie doll Soldier, but you are better off than if you won Publisher's Clearinghouse! You just got a $3MILLION re-m0del on a quaint older home with enough room so when the Mother-In-Law comes to visit, you'll never have to see her except for meals, and the TAXPAYERS paid for it!

So they want to make their own fortune, do they? Great idea! But none of this Hunter Biden, start in the boardroom bullshit. Let them move into a mobile home on the Gulf Coast of Florida and start the climb from there.

Good luck with that, kids.

Old NFO said...

Good one!!!

Beans said...

What is wrong? Harry has always needed a squad or squadron of handlers to keep him from doing stupid carp that would look bad on the royal family. Just look at the only period he wasn't the royal bad boy and that was when he was flying in the Middle East.

And Miss Markle? She's always been a B-list actress pushing an agenda.

Bad Boy meets Agenda Girl, who didn't see this ending poorly.

As to moving to Florida, no thanks. We have enough dumb-butt attention-seeking whorish leftists here already.

Fortunately for Florida, the wonder-pair have announced they'll move to Canada, so Florida will only see them in the winter (assuming they know how to drive an RV.)