Friday, January 17, 2020

Toe Jah

I toe jah so.  Here's the New York Times (the loonie lefty's "Newspaper Of Record"):
Alarming calls online for a race war. The arrest of three suspected neo-Nazis. Memories of the explosive clashes in Charlottesville, Va., three years ago. 
A sense of crisis enveloped the capital of Virginia on Thursday, with the police on heightened alert and Richmond bracing for possible violence ahead of a gun rally next week that is expected to draw white supremacists and other anti-government extremists. 
Members of numerous armed militias and white power proponents vowed to converge on the city despite the state of emergencydeclared by Gov. Ralph Northam, who temporarily banned weapons from the grounds of the State Capitol. The potential for an armed confrontation prompted fears of a rerun of the 2017 far-right rally that left one person dead and some two dozen injured in Charlottesville, about an hour’s drive from Monday’s rally.
Nice job, blowhards.  How long is it going to take the rest of us to dig ourselves out of this hole?  I can't wait to see your next genius move.

I got an interesting comment to one of yesterday's posts:
damn I thought you were one of us. 
Well, just which "us" are you talking about?  I see a bunch of different groups descending on Richmond next week:

Antifa.  As if.

White Supremacists.  Oh, hell no.

The "It's Boogaloo Time" types.  I posted about this ten years ago, and have had no reason to change my mind since.  As I said, I will not walk that road with you.  It doesn't lead to salvation and redemption, but to the abyss.

BUT MUH SECOND AMENDMENT types.  I'm actually sympathetic to this group, except they're being so damn stupid.  It's not your passion for your freedom I object to, it's your judgement.  Your despair at the situation is letting the Powers That Be play you like a fiddle.  If you're in this group you should read the link immediately above, particularly the part about despair.  Not only is despair a sin, but it makes you stupid.

What's funny is that Castle Borepatch is only a couple hours from Richmond.  I could go to this.  Not going to happen.  This has had Charlie Foxtrot written all over it for weeks but folks seem determined to push start the damn thing down the hill even though the steering and brakes are wonky.  I'm taking Remus' advice and staying away from crowds.

Because when the dust settles, the fight will go on.  We'll all be in a worse position because the New York Times will gleefully be painting us as Nazis and violent nuts, so thanks for that.  But the fight will go on.  Next time, hopefully we'll be smarter.  That sure as shootin' can't be very hard.

Remember, the first rule of Internet Security applies here, too: sometimes it's easier not to be stupid than it is to be smart.

Note: this isn't a post-mortem, it's a pre-mortem.  But next Monday's outcome is as scripted as a Kabuki play.


ASM826 said...

We have already lost Suzie Subaru. We are all already painted as right wing gun nuts and Nazis.

Going to this protest is pointless. Not because of the government (over)reaction. Not because of the fringe elements that will make everyone look bad. Not because of the Antifa that will agitate until they get someone so scared or angry that they respond.

But because it is already past the point where the people that currently constitute the government of Virginia are going to respond to peaceful, reasoned protest.

Decent people in Virginia will face an awful choice as the boot comes down.

Unknown said...

Please point to when Suzie was lost. Because the last I heard was gun sales are up, CCW are up, the largest group doing the buying was...say it with me...single women.

I dare say that to say that people by and large are believing the picture the media is painting is itself evidence of living in a bubble. 'They don't understand us.'

I talk to random people all the time. My two topics are always God and the U.S. Constitution. Most are interested in listening, some are more active and will engage in conversation. Only a very small few have rolled their eyes or begged off. And I'm in SoCal, in a effing city.

For the most part, 'they' recognize that they are personally affected by how goes our society and do recognize to some conscious level that our society is built upon certain principals, i.e. God and those embedded in the Declaration and the Constitution. So yeah, individuals are more like 'us' then the isolationist in their bubbles would have you believe. Even if they are not part of the 2A subset, they understand the relevancy to their own cause in society.

Stop believing the media, especially those few times when they actually say something you agree with. Ask yourself, who wants division in our society? Is it unifying or divisive to cast this or that person or group in a manner which portrays them as different than others?


Unknown said...

Found this at Wirecutters:

It seems to me Antifa's penchant for violence would not be an asset.

Beans said...

Why we have lost Suzie Subaru? Because Suzie voted for the Bloomberg-funded idiots in the first place.

As to Charlottesville three years ago. 3 Neo-Nazis were arrested. No real Nazis or Fascists were, because the governor and the mayor and police chief wouldn't arrest any leftist socialists. They actually conspired to force the right-wing protestors to file through a blocking force of leftist socialists. And not arresting any of the masked leftist protestors, in violation of STATE LAW!

So... When exactly is government going to act fairly and evenly in its prosecution of STATE LAW?

So what are we normies supposed to do. Wear a Trump hat, get spit on, get beat up, police no arrest anyone because leftist socialist. We get chased out of a restaurant by non-patrons who stalk us. We get chased out of businesses by masked socialists while being told we are the NAZIS and FASCISTS.

What are we supposed to do?

Stand up, line up for the cattle cars?

Wait for goon squads to come busting into our houses and break everything, searching for guns, ammo, propaganda, because we have been seen receiving NRA or GOA mail, or have a small 2" sticker on our cars, or because some unofficial collaborators told the local Stasi that we might have guns because we expressed a non-conforming opinion?

So just when are we supposed to finally fight back?

When are we allowed to pour into the streets and block traffic? ANTIFA, BLM, WOMEN DEMAND, (Insert name of leftist organization funded by Soros or Bloomburg) get to do it all the time, with absolutely no repercussions from THE STATE. And leave the streets in a mess, broken windows, fires, chaos, rioting, the whole nine yards. And the STATE acts like, meh, nothing.

We get together a 9/12 event, or a Tea Party rally, or wear MAGA hats, or go to a Trump rally, and we get yelled at, beat up, stuff thrown at us, forced to walk in narrow files or columns through hostile angry masked leftist socialist while the STATE and their UNIFORMED REPRESENTATIVES stand around and ignore all the laws the leftist socialists and anarchists are violating while forcing us to follow every law.

Where are the mass arrests of ANTIFA, BLM, Moms Demand, the Anarchists, the rioters, the fire-bomb throwing protestors? Where? Where? There aren't any.

It is clear, and past clear, that there are two sets of rules, those for the leftist socialists and their evil forces, and a harsh set of rules for the rest of us. Anyone to the right of Left-Center gets treated like, well, A Soviet Peasant, or a Cambodian city-dweller, or anyone Mao looked wrong at.

Please tell us, oh Borepatch, when will it be acceptable to stand up and say no more.

We've had Red Flag deaths. We've had Red Flag laws used to punish people during divorces, or because one person is annoyed at another, without due diligence and due process by the agencies raiding.

We've had corrupt politicians violate 100 year old treaties and agreements so the lands could be sold to foreign people.

We've had Congress and the previous administration use FISA Courts against us.

We've had Federal Judges and Prosecutors agree to not prosecute for guilty pleas, and yet then hammer the individual (General Flynn.)

So... When exactly do we as Citizens draw the line against our EMPLOYEES who are treating us as servants or subjects?



Murphy(AZ) said...

From Brietbart this morning, comes the following.

The Prince Williams Times reports that the Prince William County Supervisors have voted to drop Resolution 10A. First considered at their meeting 01/07/2020, the public response against the resolution was so intense that they postponed a final vote until 01/21/2020. The resolution would have included "Red Flag" laws, would ban private gun sales, required universal background checks, and increased penalties for weapon storage violations. Reaction form concerned citizens was controlled and polite, but so intense that the Supervisors abruptly dropped it from consideration 01/14/2020.

Be patient, be peaceful, but be ready. Be silent, be respectful. This is the first step of a long journey.

Glen Filthie said...

Oh for chrissakes. You sound like Aesop, BP. He's an idiot - and you should know better.

OF COURSE, the fascists are gonna be there! So are the homophobes, sexists, anti-semites, and all the rest of Satan's Legions Of Doom and liberal fake bogeymen. If they can't make it, Lefty will bus them in at his own expense. The press, of course, will know in advance exactly where they will be too, so that they are in place and ready to catch the action. The headlines are already printed, and the copy is packaged and ready to rip. All that they are waiting for now is for the actors to show up and do the morality play. The good news about the NYT is, only idiots like Suzie Subaru, Sally Soccer Mom and other shitlibs will read it. They were never on our side and never will be. That's a good thing.

The counter to this should be intuitively obvious: leave your guns at home, and take your camera. Even your cell has video on it. Take video. Be seen taking it. The message to Leftie should be that we are watching him and remembering faces and taking names. And when he steps out of line - as he surely will - the cameras will be on the media slobs and the finks pulling their strings. The next day, you plaster the evidence on your social media and make sure everyone else does too. Donald Trump is using Lefty's weapons against him and you should too.

Good grief. "Don't exercise your first amendment rights, because that'll endanger your second amendment rights?" Leave that kind of idiocy to Aesop - he's good at it, and you aren't.

McChuck said...

They'll be there. They get paid to be there. Hell, some of them are against these laws, too. Doesn't mean they won't fight against us Americans.

White Supremacists.
You prefer black supremacists? Hispanic? Asian? America is a white country - but won't be for much longer if we don't do something about it really soon.

The "It's Boogaloo Time" types.
The enemy have states their goals and intentions. All else is strategy and tactics.

The Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) have been our enemy for a century now. That's not going to change. If now isn't the time, when is? If threats of door to door confiscation aren't enough, what is?

Rights are what you can enforce. Use them or lose them. Yes, the rally is going to be portrayed as a Nazi Klan gathering. That would be true if the entire rally consisted of three 90 year old women sitting in rocking chairs quietly knitting sweaters for homeless orphan kittens.

Tactics that would actually work - Meet ahead of time, outside the starting point, to make sure you know all your people, and that they aren't armed and are appropriately attired. March parade-fashion, literally arm in arm, while singing patriotic songs. Make sure at least one-fifth of your members are filming the entire event from multiple angles - preferably live streaming. When the inevitable violence begins, stand still and take your lumps. Don't help your buddies. Let them fall, then step up to take their place before the thresher. And make sure the non-violent resistance is all on camera.

Roy said...

Damn guys. I drive a Subaru and I'm on *your* side.

Who is this Suzie person?