Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Stay frosty, boys

It's January 1, and so it was time for the Frosty Balls ride with the local HOG group.

It got up to 40°, so it wasn't bad.  A little brisk, but that's why they call it the Frosty Balls ride ...


B said...

I did it once at -14 F.

You find every leak in your gear on day like that.

Back then, we had lots of "antifreeze" in our system though.

Jonathan H said...

I went scuba diving; here the air and water were both 38 F. It was a quite brisk dive.
I ride at least once a month year round; my coldest ride was -10. I haven't been out yet this month due to lots of rain.

Borepatch said...

Jonathan, The Queen Of The World (a certified diver) had one question: