Monday, January 6, 2020

Trump's winning strategy

Lawrence finds an interesting article:
Reciprocity is the key to President Donald Trump:
Reciprocity has been the key to understanding Donald Trump. Whether you are a media figure or a mullah, a prime minister or a pope, he will be good to you if you are good to him. Say something mean, though, or work against his interests, and he will respond in force. It won’t be pretty. It won’t be polite. There will be fallout. But you may think twice before crossing him again.
Iran is just the latest to find this out; before that it was Hillary, and before that it was the seventeen Republican primary dwarfs.  What is kind of strange is that this strategy keeps taking people by surprise when not only has he demonstrated its effectiveness time and again, but the strategy is mathematically provable as the optimum approach:
Enter Game Theory.  "Play Nice" as a strategy simply isn't working.  Trust in government has been declining for the same 40 years that the Middle Class has been shrinking, but the elites have gamed the system to ensure that no real change will get in the way of them fattening their portfolios at the Middle Class' expense.  The urge to play Tit For Tat has been building, but has had no outlet.  The field has been prepared, over the course of decades, for a candidate beyond the control of the elites.

Hello, Donald Trump.  He was already a "name brand" to TV, and so the Media couldn't ignore him.  He's a billionaire, and so the donors couldn't control him.  He's a smart deal maker with a long history of persuading people to do things.

Right candidate, right time.  Four decades of rapine has led to this point.  The outcome was, you might say, inevitable.
You'd think they'd learn.


jwl said...

For years, people from both parties said they wanted an outsider. Someone not beholden either to Washington insiders or to special interests. Someone who could shake things up. Get things done.

Well, we got that in spades with President Trump.

Glen Filthie said...

Ironically... that is exactly how Sharia law works. If you do crime X, you draw punishment 'y'. No plea bargains, no reduced sentences, no corrupt lawyers and judges, no stacked juries. The judge is a clergyman sworn to poverty so you can't buy him. He answers to God, and justice is simple, brutal and fast. It's done in public so the villagers and tribesmen can see it being done, and know that their system works. Were it not for the way it addresses women, Jews, and infidels - it could be argued that Sharia is superior to our judiciary out west. To the muzzies, killing Jews and Americans is as legal as church on Sunday, so in any confrontation with them, mercy and tolerance will only be seen as weakness for them to exploit.

Congrats to the President and to you Americans, for doing what's right and standing up for yourselves. I watched with silent fury as morons like Carter and Obutthole humiliated themselves and their country before those ignorant savages... and enough is enough.

LSP said...

We have to wonder how 45 will get reciprocal with the coup. Note how Brennnan, Comey, Clapper are weirdly silent right about now.

waepnedmann said...

As I recal the "Tit for Tat" in Game Theory the computer spit out the finding that the responses that were most effective were "proportional"
Pelosi screamed that the attack was not "proportional". We have forty years of "proportion" with which to play catch-up. She should be required to walk the halls of Walter Reed and discuss "proportional" with the troops wounded by the EFP munitions provided by Iran.

We need to look at the debt owed us by Iran in blood and treasure and respond "proportionally": the great-great-grandchildren of the mullahs should void their bladders and urine should run down their legs when they hear the name America.
Maybe after four or five generations we would consider opening an embassy in Tehran, if they have running water and electricity by then.

Read the lesson of Sun Tzu and the young emperor. When he was attacked by another country, he gathered his generals and counselors and asked, "What did I do wrong." The answer was that his country's enemies did not fear him. He was wise enough to blame himself for the attack and not his enemies.

Eagle said...

"Fear will keep the local systems in line."

I'd say that if Carter hadn't been internationally known as such a "weak sister" (turn your thermostats down and wear sweaters 'cuz we're suffering from a general malaise - sheesh!!!), Iran would not have considered overrunning the embassy and taking our diplomats hostage.

More: I'll say that if Carter immediately had started tossing munitions into Iran for their act of war, the hostage crisis would have ended rather quickly.

Trump's removal of one of Iran's chess pieces is retaliatory action for 40 years of Iranian abuse. Iran has been put on notice: a different player has taken the opposing seat.