Thursday, May 11, 2017

Understanding the "Net Neutrality" debate

This is a post with a lot of technical detail about what people say about Net Neutrality that is not true (technically).  It also provides a grounded view of what the discussion should be:
The #1 thing you should know about Net Neutrality is that reasonable people disagree. It doesn't mean they are right, only that they are reasonable. They aren't stupid. They aren't shills for the telcom lobby, or confused by the telcom lobby. Indeed, those opposed to Net Neutrality are the tech experts who know how packets are routed, whereas the supporters tend only to be lawyers, academics, and activists. If you think that the anti-NetNeutrality crowd is unreasonable, then you are in a dangerous filter bubble.
If you want to understand what is being throttled, and why, and how, you should RTWT.

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