Thursday, May 4, 2017

Be careful using an ATM cash machine

I like to use the ATM machines that are in the Bank's lobby, because they are more secure.  It's riskier for someone to just walk up and modify the machine to add a "skimming" device that records your card information and PIN.  There's quite a lot of this happening, and the devices are increasingly hard to spot.

Here's a video from a security guy who was on vacation and found one of the things.  The video is only a couple minutes, so take a moment to watch it.

Look at how simple the device is, and how easy it must have been for the Bad Guy to install it.  This is why I like to use machines in a Bank's branch office, where you have to use your card to unlock the door - there's much better security, and while it's not impossible for someone to jack around with the machines, the risk he takes while doing so is a lot higher.

The Queen Of The World found this video.  She has good street smarts.


Low Country Contest Club said...

This guy has been doing it for years:

Unknown said...

I've made a habit over the past 20 years of never using my ATM card to gain access to the lobby -- I use any other card with a magnetic strip -- hotel key, subway pass, expired gift-card, work-ID, store loyalty-card, etc.

I don't recall ever been denied entry.

Brian said...

Use point of sale to get cash back,safer then the ATM with little chance of skimmers.