Monday, May 1, 2017

Road trip

Last week was a road trip with the Queen Of The World.  It was a long drive there, and another long drive back.  What was nice is that the QotW is really good company on a long drive.  It was very nice indeed to not be alone on the trip - and even better, to have a help mate with me.

But dang, it took a long time.

But it was fun when we were at our destination.  The QotW helped a friend who was trying to get ready for a Kentucky Derby party.  The QotW is really good at parties; we head out for a different Derby party later this month, and her outfit (and mine) are perfect.  She took a $20 hat and a $20 scarf and made something simply beautiful and entirely unique.  Last week, she was helping a girlfriend to the same.  It was fun to watch.

It's been a long, unexpected journey the past two or three years, but it sure is nice to be on this journey with her.  Whether it's in the car as the miles of under the wheels or putting up a pergola on the deck.

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