Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Invicta ad victa

The only safety for the conquered is to expect no safety.
- Virgil
The left is losing their minds.  This is not the "reality-based community", it's a community gone barking mad and howling at the moon.  It's a community that competes with itself to see how much crazier it can seem to the rest of the country.

It's a community that thought it had taken control over the Res Publica, only to have the cup of victory dashed from its lips.  In a sense, liberalism was a religion.  Liberals have seen that religion overthrown.

'Puter over at The Gormogons sums up the fall of the modern liberal religion:
Liberals are shocked not because Hillary lost. Liberals are shocked because their belief system died before their eyes. Liberals watched in disbelief on Tuesday night November 8, 2016 as Trump and American voters proved their god a false god, their world make-believe, their most deeply held beliefs falsehoods.
Liberals had a choice to make election night and liberals chose poorly. Liberals continue to deny reality, continue to believe their discredited beliefs, and continue to worship their ersatz god politic.
Like wounded animals, liberals have spent the last five months furiously lashing out at anyone and anything they believe harmed them. And like badly wounded animals, liberals will either bleed out or be put down.
A new expression heard often here at Castle Borepatch - rolled out when the next dimwitted leftie jumps lemming-like off the cliff of Madness - is "The Re-elect Trump '20 campaign thanks him for his support".  I keep waiting for the grownups to start to reassert some sanity among the left.  I keep waiting.

Maybe like a drunk they need to hit bottom.  It's kind of astonishing to contemplate that they haven't hit yet.


Atom Smasher said...

They hate themselves so much they have to project when they lose their religion.

I have come to believe that all the lefty-prog insanity comes from that self-loathing + projection.

Will said...

"Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake."

Why must so many on the opposite side decry the idiocy of the left after this defeat? Why do you feel driven to try to help them realize their missteps? They might start paying attention! Just stop it!

Richard said...

Great fun for now but they will get back in power someday. And they will be just as vindictive as they have always been. It is simply impossible to co-exist with those people. They won't keep any agreement and they want us enslaved or dead. If we are not to have a civil war we must partition the country.

Eagle said...

There's a huge problem coming up for the Left:

Briefly: Trump has changed the "rules for politicians". He's not obeying the traditional "political behavior" rules that the Left, the MSM, and most of Washington have followed for that past hundred years (or more). He tossed out the rule book and refuses to follow "past protocol".

Trump isn't responding to the traditional "do this or we'll give you bad press" MSM "blackmail" of the past. Heck, Trump *THRIVES* on bad publicity. The more the MSM tries to destroy Trump, the more Trump uses the "fake news" moniker on the MSM.

And, IMO, Trump is winning.

The rules have been forever changed by Trump. There's no going back. The Left, the MSM, and the DNC are trying to use the old rules, hoping that old-style political rules that concentrate on mud-slinging and record-slandering will win votes.

Dems, even with the obviously one-sided help from the MSM, have been unable to regain control of the dialogue. They're losing elections, and will continue to lose elections until they face the new reality: the old rules are over.

Liberals don't need to be put down. They're self-destructing on their own.

Atom Smasher said...

Up until about 3 years ago I thought the idea of secession from the ProgUSA was a stark raving nutburger idea. Now I'm thinking about whether I prefer to retire in TN or TX. :)

If y'all haven't already take a peek at Mitch Berg's Secession Diaries posts http://www.shotinthedark.info/wp/?page_id=12 they are kinda funny.