Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Queen Of The World's Bundt Pan Roast Chicken

The Queen Of The World has always liked to use the "beer butt" roasting method for chicken.  Basically, this involves standing the bird on end with a beer can holding it upright.  The method keeps the bird moister, and her roast chicken has always been fabulous.

The problem is that we don't very often have canned beer in the Castle Borepatch commissary.  We also don't drink much soda, which means that she often found herself tragically canless.

But then she heard of Bundt Pan chicken.

For non-bakers (and those of you who don't like cake, meaning basically nobody), a bundt pan is a round cake pan with a raised inner edge, so that the cake bakes in the form of a ring.

The idea is that the inner volcano-like tube will keep the chicken upright as it roasts.  No can needed. This method ensures that the juices from the bird drip onto the root veg used in the recipe, making them yummy.

IMPORTANT: You need to cover the hole in the volcano with aluminum foil, because otherwise all the juices will drip through to the oven, making a big mess.

Bundt Pan Chicken:

1 roasting chicken

2 or 3 Yukon Gold or Red Skin potatoes

2 large carrots

1 medium sweet onion

1 sprig thyme

1 sprig oregano

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive oil

(optional) spice like Jerk, BBQ rub, etc

1. Cut up the vegetation and arrange in the bottom of the bundt pan.  Don't forget to cover the hole with aluminum foil.

2. Set the chicken upright on the center riser of the pan, so that it sits down on top of the center volcano.

3. Drizzle the bird and the vegetation with olive oil, and rub it in to coat the chicken.

4. Salt, pepper, and spice the bird to taste.

5. Put bird in a 350° (F) oven until roasted, around an hour.

Carve, and serve to a grateful world.  This method is simply spectacular, and super easy.  It takes someone as smart as her* to come up with something this good, I guess.

* Not just a pretty face, but she certainly has that too:


matism said...

For those of you who aren't into bundt, you can go the angel food route instead:
Same results, but the pan ain't quite so hoity-toity...

LindaG said...

Wow. Thank you! And thank matism, too, as oddly, I have baked cakes, but never a bundt. :)

Brigid said...

That's even better than my beer can chicken. Your wife is a genius.