Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rolling Thunder - The ride to the Pentagon

I thought I was being lazy, not getting to the initial rendezvous until 0645. But that put me in the first dozen or so bikes, so I had a rink side seat for our police escort.

It it was a little past 0800 when 400 of us rode out. We had multiple cruisers and a motorcycle cop leading the way with lights and sirens. The police closed down not just surface streets, but I-270 south as well.

People led were lining the roadsides, pulled over on the Interstate honking their horns, and lining the overpasses to wave. It really felt like we are a part of something big. I guess we are.

The Pentagon is the final tally point, and there are TONS of bikes here. Maybe a couple thousand (including mine) just in this one parking lot.

More later.

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