Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ten foods that taste way better with bacon

Because bacon.

Made Man is an interesting site, perhaps to be a less urban (and online) GQ.  There's quite a lot of "Top X" lists - top five sport-touring bikes, that sort of thing.  But there's also a mix of actual manly stuff that you'll never see in GQ: How to set Kawasaki Bayou 300 Valves, How to set the timing on a '79 Harley, How to make Motorcycle tires sticky, that sort of thing.

Plus, they have a regular Friday cocktail blog.  It is pretty heavy on the snark, with the last several being focused on the theme of the Government shutdown.  For example, the Washington on the rocks:
Washington on the Rocks
3 ounces dry vermouth
1.5 ounces brandy
1 teaspoon simple syrup
3-4 dashes bitters
Glassware: Rocks glass
Method: Pour all ingredients into the glass, stir gently, fill to the top with ice, turn off the news, and enjoy.
Pretty interesting mix of stuff, and way less precious than you might think.


greg said...

That might be a useful site. A good omen is that the first time I clicked on it, the featured article was Scotch tasting with Christina Hendricks.

Home on the Range said...