Thursday, October 31, 2013

My pumpkin-fu is weak

And my tools (little pumpkin saws) all broke.  That's actually not a surprise, because they were probably ten years old.  I had to finish with a Remington no. 6 knife that I picked up at the Kittery Trading Post.  Sharp and strong, but the 6" blade wasn't made for fine pumpkin work.

It was a little sad, too - the Boys didn't want to carve pumpkins with me like we always do.  I guess they're too grown up for that sort of thing.  I've had this time with them for 15 years or so, and I'll dearly miss it if it's gone.


instinct said...

Ultimate pumpkin tool - a Dremel!!

Not doing pumpkins with the kids yet but I know I'll miss all these things when they are older and have outgrown it all.

Bob said...

It'll come back - - with the grandkids.