Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Damn, I hate the way this country is headed

This economy is the worst I've ever seen, in the sheer time that it refuses to rebound from the last downturn.  It's taken its toll, this time on a blogger who while new to some has been a fiercely libertarian voice against the Moloch state:
If you miss me too, don't forget to check the archives. There's some good stuff here that I've posted over the years. For you new readers, start with the 'best of covertress' section on the right.

I guess that's it.

So long, it's been good to know you...

I know that a lot of folks are strapped, but if you can hit the Covertresses' tip jar, it would help one of our own.


Eagle said...

It's more than the economy. It's the FACT that libertarians and conservatives have been warning *for years* about the direction this country is taking, while being lied about and spit upon by the MSM "water carriers".

I ran for office a couple of years ago (Alderman). Now, I know what kind of crass behavior to expect from politicians, but - honestly - I did not expect my opponent to use anonymous email and untrackable blog names to hurl epithets, ad hominem attacks, and lies in open forums.

'Course, she's a Democrat... and her husband was the local AFFA union rep... so I should have figured she would do anything to win.

I'll never run for office again... which means that she, her husband, and the union cronies will run the town.

And that's what happening across this country: those who want to do the right thing are throwing up their hands in surrender and giving up. One can only bang one's head against a wall for so long...

Old NFO said...


instinct said...

Done. Don't have a lot, but we help our own.

covertress said...

Thank you all!

I've updated my goodbye blog post with a special note for you.



Borepatch said...

Covertress,good luck.