Saturday, October 26, 2013

Is there any reason not to buy this morotcycle?

2008 Yamaha V-Star 650 Silverado, 14,000 miles, under $3k.

The local Harley dealer has it marked down by $750 to get rid of it.  Test rode it today.

It has some fancy after market (LOUD) pipes that I'd want to get rid of.  Yes, I know the whole "loud pipes save lives" thing; I also know the whole "loud pipes make you go deaf" thing.  Maybe someone would swap me for stock pipes because these seem to be worth something.

The price seems pretty good for a decently late-ish bike with not too many miles.  I'd be able to meet up with the Big Guy in Apalachicola, and he wouldn't kick my butt for passing this up.

It still seems like an intermediate bike between the Rebel and a full sized bike, but I still don't feel comfortable on the 1300s.  At the price I could get rid of it in a year or two on a bigger model.



Joe Allen said...

Should be a good bike. If you do swap the pipes back, keep in mind that the bike should have been rejetted for the aftermarket pipes, and will need to be jetted to factory if you go back.

The shaft drive is a big plus in my book, too.

jamie said...

Looks like a nice bike, I have known a few people with the 650 Vstar. All of them eventually traded up to something bigger but, they never had a complaint about the bike while they were riding. To answer the question, I don't know of any reason not to grab it if the price is right.

John said...

$3000? Sounds like a hell of a bargain. I'm surprised it hasn't left the showroom yet.

If it were me, I'd buy it on the spot.

Sevesteen said...

Stock Harley mufflers aren't all that loud, and will fit quite a few Japanese bikes, even many that aren't Harley clones. I used a pair to put on my early 80's CX500, considerably quieter than the (aftermarket) mufflers that it had when I bought it. Inlets bolted up, one bracket fit immediately--I'm guessing that if I'd been able to pick which model HD to get mufflers from both would have bolted right on.

A lot of Harley riders swap to Screamin' Eagle mufflers before they even take their bikes home--the dealer may have something that will bolt up and can be had very cheaply.

Joe Allen said...

Just saw one on the local Craigslist, a year older for $3500:

Unknown said...

Aside from the 650cc, no I'd go for it. Your right, you can always re-sell it and you won't likely loose anything, or not much anyway.

Sport Pilot said...

Very fair price for a pretty decent local rides bike/starter bike.

joethefatman said...

I actually have that same pic on my wall. I want that bike bad. Unfortunately all I'll ever be able to do is want. Can't ride anything since I got hurt. Still want it though. If things get better I *might* be able to handle a tricycle. If they've got it priced like that, and if I were in your position, I would. And never look back.

Atom Smasher said...

Buy it. GREAT starter-bike. Mine hates to actually START when it's cold though. Only complaint.

Dave H said...

I'd pick that up with no regrets. 14k miles means it's broken in, not broken down.

Sevesteen makes a good point. Since dealerships end up swapping pipes on a lot of new bikes before they eves leave the lot, they may have a set of stock pipes left over they'll sell cheap. (Or even toss in for free just to move that used bike.)

Bryn said...

Ok, plenty of support for the bike, so here's my reasons why I did not buy one - which may well be reason enough for others TO buy one of course! Cannot comment on price as I live in the UK.

Reasons in favour : My son had a 2001 125cc version for his 12months as a learner. Totally reliable in all weather for his college commute (35 miles daily), and needed only routine servicing during his ownership - typical Yamaha.

Reasons against : I test rode a V650, and found the feet-out-front position increasingly uncomfortable after 100 miles+. The rear suspension at its hardest setting was just up to the job (I am "cough" largeeconomysize_lbs, and aged 50+...) and the front end could have done with a heavier oil to match.
Insufficient power for my requirements (me + luggage + tent) over long daily distances when touring, especially in hilly country.

I ended up buying an old classic - a BMW K100RT 1984 - and it does everything I want, and still returns 53+ mpg (Imperial gallons) even carrying me and the touring kit.

Above all, be certain you are COMFORTABLE for distances in excess of your daily commute - the BMW will take me 250 miles, stop for fuel & restroom, then carry on for another 200 before my tailbone cries "Enough!"

Regards, and safe riding!
North Wales, UK.

The Redactor said...

Seriously, you want ABS and fuel injection.