Monday, October 21, 2013

I has a tired

A great weariness has been building for months, and now (for me; last night for you) has me in its grip.  Just worn out.  It's more than just not bouncing back like I did even 5 years ago.

Uncle Jay is making noises about getting together for a long weekend in Apalachicola, and maybe kx59 will come out I-10 from Houston.  It'd be cool to hang out with some salt air, and it would be the opposite end of the Chattahoochee river, whose source is not far north of Camp Borepatch.  Or maybe something like thisL

But I think I need longer, like a couple weeks off by myself.  The batteries are drained.


Kansas Scout said...

I may be time to look at a sleep study. You may have a sleep disorder. Sleep apnea is very very common.

Bob said...

If I was actually a practicing Catholic - - as opposed to a Deist who once professed Catholicism - - then this would have a huge appeal for me.

Anonymous said...

Find a winding road, find a motorcycle, and see if the bike can help you find a porch next to a creek at the quiet end of the pavement. Good whiskey, moonlight, a fire, friends. Week or two of that should fix you right up.

The Big Guy said...

That's one of the best things about going to the Dry Tortugas as a cathartic sojourn.

No radio, no phones, no TV. You can't succumb to the lure of "I'll just log in to check my email for a minute".
And once you are there, you are there to stay.

You sit on the beach, fish off the dock, swim, snorkel and generally relax.

And I'm deadly serious when I tell you that 7 days after the Masters is over I will be sitting on the beach for 7 to 10 days.

(And I have a tent that will hold 5 queen-sized air mattresses with plenty of room to spare, if anyone is interested.)