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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sitemeter fail

Sitemeter has been Tango Uniform for a couple weeks now, down more than the stock market.  I guess that I need to look around for something to replace it.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I have have a link to Clustrmaps on my sidebar because it has a neat global view of where traffic comes from, but really doesn't give day-by-day and month-by-month stats like Sitemeter does.

In Sitemeter's defense, I've been pretty happy with them for the last four years, and they do seem to be collecting stats - it's just their reporting engine that's been down.  I still get weekly totals in emails.  But then I'd have to drop it all into a spreadsheet each week and grind the numbers myself.  I get enough of that at work, I guess.

Anyone use Statcounter?  Anything else?


David said...

I use Statecounter at Musings Over a Pint. I've been happy with it. I do pay for a bit of extra log storage.

bluesun said...

I just gave up and stopped caring. YMMV.

Alan said...

I always take the raw apache logs and run it through AWStats.

It's the most accurate way to see what is going on.

Knitebane said...

I just switched from Sitemeter to StatCounter yesterday for the same reasons.

I even tried to upgrade to the premium version of Sitemeter to hopefully get more support. That was about a month ago. To date, my emails to them have gone unanswered and their upgrade button doesn't work.

It will be awhile before I'll know if I get any value out of it but at least it's up.

Joel said...

Seems to be working at the moment, but it has done that before. Don't know why they're taking so long to fix whatever's going on.

Old NFO said...

Dunno, and I really don't much care either. I've got Google Analytics running in the background and it's coming up with significantly (10-15%) higher numbers month to month than sitemeter.

GreyBeard said...

I'm with Blueson,
"gave up and" sorta "quit caring".


Ruth said...

Been using stat counter for a couple months now. The format's different enough that it took getting used to, but I like it.

instinct said...

Moved over to statcounter. Since I have to monitor my site, my wife's portfolio, Rimfire and my portfolio it works perfect since they are all listed together and I can just pick the one I want to look at.