Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Hey, Canadians are nicer than us Yanks, amirite?

Canadian town bans marriage between non-vacinated couples.

And a quick note for you hosers from the Great White North: before yammering on about how awful our (private) healthcare system is, please explain the following:

Charlie Gard

Alfie Evans

Oliver Cameron

Ashya King

Nota bene: these cases are from Britain, the Mother Country.  The Canadian health system (whatever it is called) is explicitly modeled on Britains National Health System (NHS) which has assumed almost cult-like status in Britain.

Britain.  You know: the land where Great Britain used to be.

So all you Canuk Hosers can just shut right up about how awesome your "Health Care" system is..  Yeah, ours may still be swirling the drain, but yours was flushed long ago.  After all, we are all still Citizens of the Republic (for now), but you are Subjects of the Crown.

Except for Glen Filthie.  He's reloading and sharpening bayonets.  Glen, come on down to Florida.  The air still smells of Freedom.

This post has the tag "Statist Pricks" because, well, you know.


Richard said...

Probably worth mentioning all the Canadians, including political figures, who come down here for health care. I haven't heard what they are doing with the border closed for months. Just as a guess, perhaps the connected are getting some kind of exemption while normal people wait for the Canadian system to get around to them or die whichever comes first.

libertyman said...

Richard - good point - I would like to see the numbers on that and I have been aware of that for years. Just like the Canadians who shop here in the US because their "free" healthcare costs them more in taxes.

Glen Filthie said...

Guys, I am wondering why I stay here.

I couldn’t handle Florida even with that fine governor (that told Joe to go F himself before it became popular) and it’s state of freedom. I sublimate at temps over 25C and turn from a solid directly into a rude smelly gas. Montana though, has possibilities…

Beans said...

Glen, trust me, Florida is fine because there's this invention by Saint Willis of Carrier called air conditioning.

I am a fat, pasty white northern Germanic type. I hate the heat. But I hate snow and ice worse. It's worth it.

As to how 'nice' Canadians are, anyone in Florida can tell you there are nice Canadians. Those are the ones who, while in Florida, don't act all superior as to how their country is better than the US. If it's so much better, why are you all slumming?

There are actually really nice Canucks. Really. They tend to be country Canadians. It's the arseholes from the cities, of course, that give most others the bad names.

Beans said...

Oh, and Glen? There's nothing more enjoyable than wearing sandals and shorts in 40 degree weather in Florida. You may have a parka on, but sandals (with or without socks, depending on how hardcore you are) and cargo shorts are pretty much a grouchy old fart dress code down here, winter or summer.

Glen Filthie said...

Ya gotta be careful with “Canadians”, Beans. Like America - Canada is a big country. Our most obnoxious citizens come primarily from Morontario and Queerbec. They arrogantly think they speak and represent Canada when in actuality - the rest of the country hates and loathes them the same way you guys despise New York, Massivetwoshits and California.

There is a reckoning coming up here too… but you guys will probably have yours first.

Beans said...

Oh, Glen, we here in Florida know the difference between Canadians and Canadians.

The nice ones are just like us. They fit in. They don't start with, "Back in Canada..." except when praising Florida.