Saturday, October 16, 2021

Tony Bennett - Cold, Cold Heart

Man, I love this version of Hank, Sr.'s classic.  You might say that it's not country, but did I mention the bit about Hank, Sr.?  And the country comes out, even with Vicentico's latin accompaniment.  It's still country in a different language, and you can sing along in whichever language you like.  This wasa huge hit for Bennett in 1951, and helped launch his career.  You can see why.

Normally I have the songwriter and lyrics here but c'mon - it's Hank, Sr. and you know the words anyway.

I sure do love this version.

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Feral Ferret said...

Shame that so many of the really good vocalists are dead or really old. If you have some time to spare, watch on YouTube where the young generation listens to some of the old music for the first time. Some of them really get their eyes opened to what music can really be. They have such a shocked look on their faces at times.