Monday, October 18, 2021

Reloading: Buyer Beware

Steve emails:

Good morning. Your post today about SPAM in your comments section made me think you (and your readers) might be interested in what I can only assume is a scam that is all over the internet. In a time when various gunpowders are unobtanium, there are a number of websites out there who seem to have whatever you need in stock and at reasonable prices. However, if you go to order it you find out that they have a ~$250 minimum order size and they only accept forms of payment with little or no recourse when the powder you order doesn’t show up. I’m assuming it’s a scam, and not some miracle…but honestly almost fell for it. A few examples below, but there are many more.

I haven't been to these web sites, but Steve's suggestion to be very wary of payment where you could be stuck holding the bad is excellent advice.  One of the biggest advantages of regular credit card transactions is that you can dispute the purchase if you get shipped something else (or nothing at all).

Let's be safe out there.


Da Dog said...

Be very vigilant. Only use a credit card to the business on the website. Many scammers have a website but say they cannot accept payment except through a third party address because of some “system” error. There are many of these out there. I’ve tracked them down and reported them to the FBI (who is apparently too busy with “terrorist parents”) and to police departments where they supposedly do business. I’ve tracked their banking information and reported it to the banks. Nobody seems to care or does anything about it. One particular “shop” is still happily ripping off customers after repeated attempts to shut them down.

lee n. field said...

whois record for the shows registered by the same registrar and about the same time (1 day difference) by a couple suspect sites I stumbled across, and Same dodgy checkout page.

Old NFO said...

Lee beat me to it. Whois IS your friend!!! Use it if there is any question!

Unknown said...

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