Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Quote of the Day: Domestic Terrorist edition

This sounds about right:

The dissident right is made up of fringe dwellers, non-conformists, conspiracy theorists and just plain weirdos. We’re used to copping flack from the enemy; we have thick skins. But those being labeled today as domestic terrorists are normies. Mums and dads, regular people who go to the game and like a beer or three, hell, even Boomers, (God help us). They’re copping the domestic terrorist rap and they’re confused. They think that in the eyes of the law that they’re good people. They’re not like those fringe dwelling crackpots on the far right. They’re regular people who are just concerned at the way their country is going.

And they are the ones being accused of being domestic terrorists; not us. Nobody has accused me of being a domestic terrorist and I’ve been poking the bear for years now. But stand up and accuse your school board of being Marxist thugs and the government swoops in faster than pigeons on newly arrived tourists exiting a coach. It’s a bit humbling; they’re not really worried about us, they know who and what we are. It’s the normies waking up that really has them worried. Cause there are a lot more normies out there than us fringe dwellers.


Timbotoo said...

And yet they keep poking the bear…

Old NFO said...

Remember soccer moms and what happened in THAT election? Could be happening again. They're pissing off Momma Bear messing with her cubs.

Peteforester said...

It's "domestic terrorist" now because "racist" has been cheapened out of existence. On the upside, I'm sure King George had names for those "Minutemen" too... 'Means we're on the right track!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Sigh. When you label everyone a terrorist, at some point people realize they have very little to lose by pushing back. Be careful what is enabled.

Divemedic said...

The FBI didn't do shit about Epstein's Pedo Island, they didn't care one whit about gymnasts being molested, but let a few harsh words be said about a school board, and here comes the full force of the FedGov.

Law enforcement and the law are no longer on the side of what is good, moral, and right. How can any Federal agent claim to be one of the good guys?

Justin_O_Guy said...

I don't understand the hatred for the Boomer generation. I know what happened while we were the ones in the majority, but I also remember seeing representatives coming home and being bombarded with questions about how they could pass unpopular bills. The weasels would say
Ohh,we just didn't Know the opinions of the people.
So they Natcherly, ran back to Washington and changed it.
We, like our parents and grandparents, got a lot of our information from papers and the news. They watched Their electeds go to DC and betray them, too.
Boomers are not at fault. We tried to put good people in office.
You can't fix a problem when the system is corrupt.
Not without removing the corrupt.
And apparently that doesn't happen when people get threatened, blackmailed or bought.
Evil is running things
For NOW.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Borepatch;

There are a lot more "Normies" than us fringies, and if .gov loses the normies, they are in trouble.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Among barn swallows, alpha males have a larger red patch on their heads.
If you dye their feathers to increase the size of the patch on beta swallows, they quickly become alpha.

I wonder, too, about labeling quiet normal people as 'domestic terrorists.' Will they change to fill the role?

I certainly wouldn't mind seeing greater emphasis on job performance in civil appointments being encouraged by actual consequences. In private employment such as the trades, the level of abuse shown by school boards to their constituents, for example, would be met with a swift and thorough ass-kicking at best.
I've certainly relieved myself into a cracked car window for less.

James said...

A lot of atudies show that humans are social creatures. We tend to fill the role the group assigns to us.

It could make this a bit more interesting. I hadn't given it much thought til you brought it up. 😄

McChuck said...

@Justin - the government didn't force the Boomers to get divorced, raise latchkey kids in broken homes, have multiple abortions, and not just throw away but burn down the culture while outsourcing everything and hiring Illegals to do all the entry level and low-skill jobs.

Goober said...

I cannot see a justifiable reason to have created that memo calling people using (even violent) language of disagreement at a school board meeting "domestic terrorists".

That was perhaps the most chilling thing I've seen, politically, in a long time.

The left is defending it, too, which is even worse. They say "well, they are making violent threats!".

OK, fine. We have ways of dealing with that within the criminal court system. We always have. If they break a law by making an actionable threat of violence, then arrest them and charge them. But that is NOT terrorism, and to claim otherwise is to say that essentially any threat of violence is terrorism. Given the ample tools in our federal government's arsenal to combat" terrorism" outside of the bounds of our established criminal and civil legal system, this is essentially advocating for a suspension of that system, and the application of a war-time law to these people, simply for having strong political beliefs that the left doesn't agree with.

As I've always said, the left never seems to understand that they won't have power forever, and that they're essentially abolishing our legal system out of political convenience without recognizing that the next DOnald Trump is going to have these same powers that they are taking for themselves, now.

Being angry at a school board meeting, and even making violent threats at a school board meeting, IS NOT FUCKING TERRORISM, and anyone saying it is is literally a dangerous threat to this country.

Borepatch said...

Old NFO, I think you are spot on. The political ads kind of write themselves, don't they?

x said...

Vote harderer.


Aesop said...

The oldest Boomer couldn't even vote until 1966, by which time the catalog of social ills you describe wasn't nascent, it was fulminant, and in full swing.

Your gripes, as has been pointed out endlessly, is solely with certain representatives from the Silent Generation, and from the sorely misnamed "Greatest" Generation.

Boomers merely played the hand they were dealt, and it was quite the shitty hand.

The Progressives cut those cards at the turn of the last century, and they've been bottom-dealing since ever.

People who complain about Boomers, as if an entire generation was the culprit for anything but being in it, are only parading their historical ignorance of reality. Prithee desist.

TechieDude said...

I guess they wore out 'raciss' and now have to use 'domestic terrorist'

That's a really dumb road to go down.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Not just a dumb road, but quite possibly one with a few fox,,err potholes..

Adam P said...


Okay, Boomer.