Saturday, October 2, 2021

Yay, me

I guess I really am a gun guy.  The Queen Of The World got a sweet Sig P365.  Alas, we had no 9mm ammo, and the case I ordered hadn't arrived yet.

But in getting things sorted out for tomorrow's range day involved reorganizing things.  Lo and behold, I had 3 (!) 50 round boxes of 9mm.  No idea where that came from - maybe Ammoman brought it to the Southwest Florida blogshoot.

But I guess that you're officially a "gun guy" when you have ammo in calibers that you think you don't have any of.  And while my ammo hoard isn't quite up to this, it's big enough that I probably should do an inventory.

Oh, and the SIG laser for the 365 is about the coolest thing ever.  Took all of 2 minutes to install, and the laser comes on when you grip the gun.  I'll do a range report on this one.


Ratus said...

Speaking of the Southwest Florida blogshoot, any plans for a date?

Ed Bonderenka said...

I keep a spreadsheet to inventory my ammo.
Seems I'm adding more than subtracating.

Brad_in_IL said...

Crap .. I thought I was the only lunatic who kept an ammo inventory in a spreadsheet. I use one sheet per caliber, and also track purchase date and purchase price along w/ quantity. This way I always know my weighted average cost of what I have on-hand, and I also know which ammo is the oldest so I can FIFO my stocks.
Damn .. I need to get a life.

Glen Filthie said...

Oh yeah. You’re a gun guy. This fall I rediscovered an HK 45 USP (don’t anybody say it - I’m warning you!!!!) in the gunsafe, and a four pound tub of Vihtavuori gunpowder I forgot I had.

Can you keep us posted on the progress with that little P365? I want one of those in the worst way. In fact other than maybe a pristine broohandle or Luger… it’s the only 9mm I’d actually want.

SiGraybeard said...

I think Brad_in_Ill wins the spreadsheet A/R award.

Yeah, I keep a spreadsheet, too, but not that level of detail. Just how many rounds, which calibers (/gages) and things like JHP vs FMJ or buckshot vs. bird shot.

OTOH, that ammo display looks to be in a house and not a store, in which case they must have room to spare. It's pretty, but doesn't look very user-friendly. Not very space-efficient.

Matthew W said...

I only have 2 calibers but I track how may purchased, how many fired from each gun, when/where shot.
I know almost to the penny what I've spent (DON'T TELL MY WIFE) and how many rounds.
I also track my gas mileage and usage.
I may or may not have a compulsion to track things.
I must now document that I left a reply here.

Matthew W said...

Yeah, my ammo is all out sight so even my "friends" don't see it in my house

ASM826 said...

Matthew W,

Be sure to document that you documented that reply.

Old NFO said...

Spreadsheets are your friend. I cry when I look at what I 'was' paying back in the day... sob...

Ygolonac said...

Heh, just went through the ammo shelves to pack up my new surplus ammo cans, and found a box for Fiocchi .40 S&W.

Which I've never owned anything that would use it.

And opening it, I found 50 rounds of lacquered steel-case 9mm.

Which I *do* have a pistol for, but I've never bought steel-cased for.

Wonder if was mixed in with the horribly grubby .45 ACP Wolf I bought at a gun show quite a few years back? (Deeeep discount on that, because some rounds were rusty, and all smelled mildewey as all hell.)

Now, if only the online seller would ship my RWS .22 match ammo, also bought on discount, but still pricier than plinkin' stuff...