Saturday, December 30, 2017

Fair jumper on London Underground gets stuck

More specifically, he gets an important part of his anatomy stuck as he jumps over the turnstile:
Then there are the times when you try to hurdle the gates in the London Underground and get your genitals stuck in the barriers.  
Hilariously, that’s exactly what happened to this young man when he apparently tried to jump over the barriers to avoid paying. 
It left him in an extremely compromising position and a lot of pain – and needing police officers and Transport for London workers to pull him out.
The link doesn't just have pictures, it has video (courtesy of the Transport for London workers, to whom we give a heartfelt "thank you").

New Year's Resolution Pro-Tip: wear pants when fare jumping.  You're welcome.

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Unknown said...

On careful consideration - I think you really meant to say "Fare Jumper...", not "Fair Jumper..." - but, in a certain sense, I s'pose either would work...