Friday, December 22, 2017

A Deer goes shopping

A clerk at a Ft. Collins convenience store had a rather unusual customer:

So what does a deer like?
Despite store policy prohibiting feeding the deer — and against her betterjudgement — Lori Jones did the only thing she could think of. 
“I got a peanut bar and backed her out and took her down to the lower field.” She added “You can’t let them run all over your store.”
I see you slapping your palm to your face, and yes, a couple days later this showed up:

“There she was in the store and again I started laughing,” Jones said. “And there were her babies in the background.” 
Once again with a peanut bar in hand, she showed Mama and her babies away from the store.
Pretty funny.


waepnedmann said...

Thank you!
I needed a smile this morning.
Merry Christmas!

ASM826 said...

Okay, it's peanut bars in the tree stand from now on.

libertyman said...

If I said there was an analogy to the welfare state and illegal immigration I would be accused of being mean spirited. So I won't bring that up at all.

No sir, not at this time of year.