Monday, September 26, 2016

The debate


Hillary is still a shameless liar. Trump rambles and won't get to the point. I'll be very surprised if this moves the needle.

Hillary exceeded expectations in that she didn't pass out. It's hard to see her improve her performance much in the next debates. Trump has more room to improve.

All in all, that's 100 minutes of my life I'd like back.


Ted said...

Lester Holt lost control about 5 minutes in.

I didn't bother timing the talk time but it seemed to me that Hillary used waaaaaaaay more that her share of time.

Kind of like trying to have a discussion with someone who won't stop speaking so you can respond to something she said 15 minutes and 27 topics ago. We've all been there.

drjim said...

We watched about 10 minutes of it, and it seemed it would just be an endless repetition of stuff they've already said, so my wife changed the channel, and I went out to tinker in the garage....

abnormalist said...

um, I did something useful, I drank, and read a book.

Archer said...

@Ted: Also, the media reactions slammed Trump for "interrupting Secretary Clinton on several occasions". The reality: he interrupted her four or five times that we saw, and she interrupted him about an equal number of times.

But no, there's no media bias.