Thursday, September 22, 2016

A [blank] and his [blank] are soon [blank]

San Francisco watering hole offers a $43 martini:
Epic Steak, a waterfront dining spot popular with the finance and tech sectors that have come to dominate the city's downtown, has begun offering the £33 Fog Point Martini, a drink that bills itself as being infused with, umm, fog. 
The drink, it is said, is made with a special vodka crafted by the Local Hangar 1 Distillery using water gathered from special "fog catcher" machines that condense the water vapors out of the "marine layer" that blows into the Bay Area much of the year. 
That, combined with some vermouth and a lemon twist, will set you back a cool $43 bucks, plus tip, and the gnawing feeling that you have sold your soul to live in an unsustainable bubble society built on delusion and bravado.
Now I like a good martini as much as the next man (Bombay Sapphire straight up, extra olives, don't be chintzy on the vermouth).  But I start to mutter dark comments when the price approaches double digits.  For $43, I'd expect to get right toasted.

But hey San Francisco hipsters - always nice to have another reason to punch you! And El Reg brings the snark:
You will not be surprised to hear that the drink is a hit in the Bay Area and the fog-infused vodka sold out faster than a computer science grad at a VC mixer.
Is it National Punch-A-Silicon-Valley-Hipster week?


bruce said...

especially if the fog was condensed and collected from an hvac unit.
uhm, what is that gritty city flavor in that fog? Another hope is that the condenser was up away from the homeless camp.

matism said...

Some of us might instead hope, bruce, that the condenser was not only IN the homeless camp, but was also tended by residents of same...

Rick C said...

At $43, I'd assume the tip is factored into the price.