Friday, September 9, 2016

If you have one of those new Samsung Galaxy 7 phones, bring marshmallows

Man's phone burned up, taking his Jeep with it:
Samsung's ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 is once again being blamed for causing a serious fire. 
A man in St Petersburg, Florida, claims that while charging inside his truck, the phablet combusted and caused a massive blaze that totalled his Jeep Grand Cherokee. 
Lydia Dornacher told Tampa Bay news station Fox 13 that she and her husband Nathan were attending a Labor Day garage sale Monday morning when he plugged the Note 7 into the truck's center console to recharge. 
The family said that while they were away, the Note 7 caught fire inside the car.
And while the article didn't say, we can assume that he was tragically marshmallow-less.

Oh, and if you have one and fly with it despite the FAA's warning not to, make sure that you bring enough marshmallows for everyone on board.


matism said...

You're more likely to need the marshmallows on a flight with Puerto Ricans on board:

Si se puede!

Ted said...
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