Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Field Guide to Trump supporters

Over at The Gormogons.  It's an interesting take, although it doesn't quite feel complete (for example, it leaves out Tribal Republicans who would vote for Buckley's recommendation).  However, this comes pretty close to my own position:
Burn It All Downers are those who want Trump to win because they figure he’s the candidate most likely to cause a collapse of the current corrupt order, forcing a rethinking of America’s entire structure. To ‘Puter, this is the most logical and sound reason to consider voting for Trump. Trump *is* the most likely to immanentize the eschaton, in the same way that getting the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper together freed Zuul from his captivity and brought our destructor, the 50 foot Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man. Large chunks of the non-racist Alt-Right along with certain despairing conservatives make their home in this group.
One quibble that I have with 'Puter is in one of his footnotes:
Bonus reasons Former Never Trumpers hate Trump: ... he has fascist tendencies;
I don't think that he's a fascist more than all of the rest of the political and business elite.  He's either a fascist like them or a dirty commie like them.  To my mind, there's not enough distance between the two types for light to shine through, but that's just me.  (Click through that link for an explanation)


Ted said...

Put me down as another "Burn it down" . To me Trump is very much a " What you see is what we'll get straight forward Busnessman.

Sure he donated money to the Democrates in the past . In my former roll as a the Marketing guy for an engineering firm I did the same thing. It's no secret that's how get big contracts awarded . The only surprise is how cheaply they can be bought.

A few thousand will secure a $ 10 million deal.

Weetabix said...

I can't see how the "burn it down" thing will work. Republicans hate him. Democrats hate him. Bureaucrats hate him. How will he manage to do anything? Maybe getting nothing done could be good for a change.

Unless he just signs anything they send him like GWB did. Hm. Could still be bad.

matism said...

You need to understand how the Senior Executive Service works, Weetabix. I have posted details of that several times, so I won't waste your time with it again. Let me just repeat one example:

Less than four months into his first term, Obama turned the DoJ on its head and got them to REFUSE to charge the the armed Black terrorists at that polling place in Philadelphia. Now the DoJ is largely lawyers, so one surely would not expect them to understand what Civil Service protections they have, would one?

Anyone who nominates Christine Whitman to head the EPA has NO interest in changing the EPA. THAT is the real problem.

Ted said...

...... And Trump would replace Eric Holdef with someone without the radical adjenda and allow the FBI and ICE to actually do the job they were sworn in to do. Instead of constantly being theathened with losing thier job if they attempt to actually enforce exhisting laws.

Minecraft Chuck said...

Two words - "You're fired!"