Tuesday, September 13, 2016


We went camping in Williamsburg last weekend, at a beautiful little campground.

It was fun, and your humble blogger did all the cooking over the campfire.  It just goes to show that you can eat gourmet even when you smell like wood smoke.

Apologies for the lack of posting.  I'll kick start the blogging machine to get things back to normal.


Anonymous said...

Was this motorcycle camping? There is something very appealing about being minimalist enough to fit everything you need to survive in a bedroll on the back of your bike. Kind of like backpacking, but with less of a dirty hippy connotation.

Borepatch said...

Old Windways, no it wasn't motorcycle camping. The Jeep was pretty full, and we had bicycles on the hitch rack.

I love the idea of motorcycle camping, but The Queen Of The World doesn't pack light.

ASM826 said...

And you were missed.

matism said...

Youse needs to gets you a hitch rack than can hold motorcycles, man!

Borepatch said...

ASM826, let's have a do-over. ;-)

Matism, that sounds like a trailer!