Thursday, September 22, 2016

How did we live without bluetooth controlled candles?

[blink] [blink]:
Someone with far more time and money than sense has developed a “real flame smart candle” that can be controlled over Bluetooth. No, really. 
The Ludela smart candle is some kind of bastard offspring of an electric vape and a wax candle. Boasting a “real flame”, the ludicrous Ludela candle comes with a smartphone app that allows idiots who hand over good beer tokens for more than one of these things to control the light (flame) level remotely.
[blink] [blink]

I'm actually speechless.  I'd mock this, but it really seems that it comes pre-mocked.
“The safety module was developed and rigorously tested by some of the world's finest engineers of Surface Ink in San Jose, California."
Well that explains it.  Probably after drinking $43 martinis.  Is it National Punch-A-Silicon-Valley-Hipster Week yet?

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