Friday, September 2, 2016

All ready for football

Maybe a little too much tailgating before the game, though.


Ted said...

Well he was rushing to get it done last night after " dinner " And they tuned off the lights And besides What's the problem?? It's on our side of the field. It will reduce all those pesky out of bounds penalties.

ray said...

Yeah, we can watch Colon Kapkiller whine all year about how Oppressed he and Team Victim is, while collecting millions of dollars from the country he hates, because, racism.

Then we can watch all the commercials and PSAs that emasculate the American male, while feeding him just enough action to settle his jones.

The actual games are still good. But everything, and I do mean everything, around the NFL is corrupt. It's a mockery of what it used t be, and it can't last.

matism said...

So is that Ohio State?

Will said...

What?!! Who you going to believe, your lying eyes, or the groundskeeping crew. It's just lens distortion! Yeah, that's it! Just camera problems. Nothing to see, just move along.

Windy Wilson said...

Home team house rules. The boundary line is the boundary line?