Sunday, September 4, 2016

Jan Antonín Losy, Count of Losinthal

One of the great lute players of the late Baroque period turns out to have been an aristocrat.  Jan Antonín Losy was a German (well, Bohemian) nobleman, the Count von Losinthal.  His castle in the Czech town of Štěkeň is shown here.

Nice place.

Unusual for a noble of the day, he attended University in Prague.  Typical of a noble of the day he traveled extensively as a young man.  During these travels he seems to have spent considerable time with musicians, developing a talent for the lute.  His talent was such that he developed a reputation as one of the finest lute players in Europe.

Despite this reputation, he published very few of his compositions during his lifetime.  Likely this was because music was a hobby to him, rather than a profession.

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libertyman said...

Good lesson today. I knew nothing about lutes until now.