Monday, November 3, 2014

Why I'm not voting

The hubris of the GOP Establishment knows no bounds:
For the Republican Party’s leadership, taking control of the U.S. Senate might not even be the sweetest part of a victory in 2014.

With growing confidence as Election Day approaches, Republican leaders are preparing to argue that broad GOP gains in the House and Senate would represent a top-to-bottom validation of their party’s mainline wing. Having taken a newly heavy-handed approach to the primary season this year, the top strategists of the Republican coalition say capturing the majority would set a powerful precedent for similar actions in the future — not just in Senate and congressional races, but in the presidential primary season as well.
So it's not that the people of the Republic think that the current Administration is driving the country off a cliff, it's because of a new found enthusiasm for the squishy GOP.  Funny, President McCain and President Romney could not be reached for comment.  Actually, Romney could be reached for comment but was too busy pushing immigration amnesty to answer questions about whether he was too squishy to be President.

But it seems that "no more Mr. Nice Guy" is a winning message:
The confrontational approach — by both party committees and outside super PACs — represented a sharp departure from the GOP’s cautious strategy in the 2010 and 2012 cycles, when cartoonishly inept nominees aligned with the tea party lost the party as many as five Senate seats.

If this fresh tack leads to victory, Republicans expect that aggressive posture will carry over into 2016. They learned the hard way, party insiders say, how direly even the establishment-minded Mitt Romney undermined himself by wooing the right during primary season.
I have written at length about why I won't vote for Romney, and it's not because he got too hard line conservative.  It's because the only source of energy in opposition to the Democratic Party that is destroying this land is the grass roots insurgency that the GOP is doing its damn best to stamp out. 

But sure, sure: the GOP is our only help. [ rolls eyes ]

My preference would be for things to keep going as they are, with the Progressive Agenda increasingly discredited every day, rather than having the GOP in a position to push Progressive-lite.  Screw 'em - better to die fast than slow.

P.S. I remain convinced that if Romney had won in 2012 we would today have a comprehensive new gun control act signed into law.


waepnedmann said...

There you go again!
The perpetration of a another hate-crime with no statute of limitations.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

If you do not vote, you do not get to complain for the next 2 years, Instead, if you want to protest, vote a blank ballot.

Glen Filthie said...

Don't blame you one bit, BP, but I think I will disagree with you.

There is no honour in dying fast; if I only had 10 minutes left to live I would spend those 10 minutes thinking on how to save my arse! Delaying the inevitable will also give you - and more importantly, our kids - time to prepare for it. If you are convinced we are nearing the end of the road to ruin you should be voting, stocking up on metals (including brass and lead), and laying in supplies.

Another point - if things DO get that bad...there is no guarantee that there will ever be a 'recovery'. The normal state of affairs for the waves of third world human trash flooding into North America is corrupt politics and poverty. If you hand your nation over to them without a fight there is no guarantee you will ever get it back again.

Finally - who knows? If you want to speed things up on the road to ruin...maybe voting in a new group of corrupt scum to replace the last will do just that!

burt said...

re. voting: you're either part of the solution, part of the problem, or part of the landscape. If you remain part of the landscape, you allow everyone to walk over you.

re. dying fast: the US is flying down that slippery slope. The only question remaining is whether it'll be a hard landing that splits this country apart, or a landing that preserves most of the republic. I'd much prefer to keep the republic in one piece, although I don't know how that's possible any more.

Vote. Romney isn't on the ballot.

Vote. Some offices have been decided by as little as a few dozen votes - and you could be one of those votes.

Vote. Unless, of course, you're satisfied to let other people make the decisions about who gets elected to the state legislature and to the US Congress.

Vote. Otherwise - sorry about this, BP - your arguments become tainted with the "didn't care enough to make his voice heard" label.

Vote. Hold your nose and vote.

2cents said...

When was the last time you actually voted FOR a candidate You always vote against the greater evil when choosing between two politicians.

Tacitus2 said...

Not an option for me. I live in Wisconsin where an out of control prosecutor, likely in coordination with media leaks and a certain major political party, is trying to subvert the democratic process.

If this is not swatted down hard it will become the norm. It really does not matter which side of the political trailer park is trying this contemptible trick...if successful it becomes the norm to the detriment of all. Similar hijinks in Texas and SD show how close to the surface this has come.


Robert Fowler said...

By all means vote. I've been known to write my own name in in races where I didn't like any of the offered choices.

Chickenmom said...

Please vote, Borepatch. It is the only way we can start to take our country back. It may take years of election cycles but we have to start eliminating the bad politicians one by one.
People are finally starting to wake up. The alternative media (blogs) are doing what the MSM should be doing but aren't. Don't give the progressives another chance to win.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

If nothing else, vote for The Doctor for every office.

Cap'n Jan said...

Well. You could still vote and die fast. Vote the straight Libertarian ticket.

What the heck, they can't win (because everybody says so, right?) Some of them are truly nut-jobs, and the rest are far too reasonable/logical/intelligent to survive public office.

Dang. What a choice. We voted. But I'm still not convinced it does me more good than harm.