Monday, November 10, 2014

Quote of the day - The true nature of Marxism

The Berlin Wall was a symbol of the depravity and viciousness of the Marxist idea. Karl Marx was a pure hate monger masquerading as a social philosopher. His ideas may, in the end, be summarized thus: wealth can be gained only by stealing from others, and thus successful people are evil, and thus it is okay to threaten or kill rich people (or even people who are just a bit better off than you are), to steal their belongings, and to threaten anyone who might in the future have more stuff than you do. If you somehow get more things than other people, it is okay for other people to take your stuff, and if you resist, it is okay to beat you up or kill you.

Even more succinctly, Marxism is the idea that jealousy is laudable, and should be turned into social policy with the use of pervasive violence.
The whole post is just as good, but I can't put it all here as a QOTD.  Go read it, and tell it to the next doofus you see wearing a Che T-Shirt.


Goober said...

Che t-shirts...


Beatification of a coward and a mass murderer.

It is worse than the individual freedom crowd using guy fawkes as their mascot.

NotClauswitz said...

Haven't seen a Che-shirt since leaving the BayAryans, up here that probably would get you a Budweiser bottle upside the head.

Ken said...

That was righteous.