Thursday, November 27, 2014

How about a "Reset Button" for relations with Australia?

I guess that this is more of that "Smart Diplomacy", or something:
Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop criticises US president Barack Obama for a speech in Brisbane last weekend in which he claimed climate change threatened the Great Barrier Reef. It is highly unusual for an Australian foreign minister to openly criticise a US president. Ms Bishop also said Australia currently had no intention of committing extra forces or resources to the mission against Islamic State, even though the White House had discussed it with the Abbott Government. –Radio Australia, 20 November 2014
I can't remember the last time that a US President gave an address in another country that was immediately rebuked by that country's foreign minister.  Man, it sure is a good thing that we don't have a cowboy in the White House making the world hate us ...

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drjim said...

Maybe the next President will also have a "World Apology Tour" going around and apologizing for all the stupid, idiotic things that "President" Obozo did!