Friday, November 21, 2014

National Ammo Day

OK, I'm a little late for this, but I just ordered by Christmas Present.

Cheaper Than Dirt found some mil-surp .303 Brit.  Can't beat the price - 40 cents a round.  Actually, co-blogger ASM826 found it, and called me.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I either missed Buy Ammo day completely -was in California via air travel on the 19th - or I purchased early.

I lucked out and found a bulk pack of .22lr for a reasonable price at Cabelas the week before. 500 rounds for 25 bucks.

Captain Wheelgun said...

If that's the HXP headstamp, the brass is also very good for reloading. Wish I had the money to get some of this :-(

NotClauswitz said...

I had to check - I thought most Greek .303 was Berdan primed - I was wrong! At least you don't have to toss the brass.

Anonymous said...

That price certainly looks very good. The cheapest I've manage to get rifle ammunition is 30p ($0.47 according to Google) for 7.62x54R surplus. For .303 the cost could be 2-3x that.

kx59 said...

47 cents a round for 7.62x54R?
that's terrible!
I just located a spam can of surplus 7.62 for 20 cents a round...which I'm about to buy right...
National Ammo Day is any day I find a deal on a thousand rounds.

Anonymous said...

kx59 - if you think that's bad, you should see the price we pay for the guns!

kx59 said...

knirirr - Holey cow! That just brings a tear to my eye.
I didn't know that you could even own a gun in the UK anymore.
You could immigrate to the free State of Texas.
I suggest a path via Guatemala through Mexico.;)

Anonymous said...

We can indeed own guns in the UK, but the demand is lower than in the US and the prices therefore higher. This catalogue for a mainstream UK dealer gives an indication of what UK shooters normally buy.

If you're interested in how we got to this point, then this book is good, though I'm told that it's 10 years out of date and does not reflect recent changes in your concealed carry laws.

Indeed, moving to the US is tempting, but there are many factors other than guns to consider, so at least for now I think I'll stay put, as my ancestors did 400 years ago. ;-)