Saturday, November 15, 2014

I, Labrat

Instead of a biopsy, I'm trying a new prostate cancer test from the University of Michigan. I'd found it and asked my doctor about it; he looked into it and was impressed. So we're getting our Science® on.

Basically the test looks for DNA markers that are only present when there's a tumor. It's non-invasive and claims to be as accurate (or more) than a biopsy.

We'll see, but I expect I'm feeling much better today than if I'd had a biopsy.


Sherm said...

The horror and humiliation of the biopsy is something we prostate cancer victims all have been able to share. You're missing the knowing look and half grin acknowledging another member of the fraternity.
Lucky you.

Steve Kupillas said...

I had the biopsy. It was more humiliating than painful. The car broke down on the way home. I had to fix it. Radiator hose... No problem. The day I came home from the radical prostate surgery, the car broke down. After getting a ride home from that, I went back the next day and fixed the car and drove it home.
I'd rather do that than have a broken clavicle.

lee n. field said...

Possibility of prostate cancer? Start your Kegel's exercises now.

(I'm 2.5 months past getting mine out.)

Rev. Paul said...

Bullet dodged? Good for you. I hope it comes back negative.

2cents said...

Just hope the science behind the new test isn't one that 97% of the scientists agreed on so it is settled.

eiaftinfo said...

One I past the "you're going to stick that where and you're going to insert those 20 needles how????" I didn't really find the procedure painful. Been 12 years ago they yanked the puppy out . . . find it early, that's all I'm sayin . . . find it early!!

OMMAG said...

Not sure what's going on with you.
Myself, I have cancer and have known it for over three years. The doctors only figured it out 2 years ago.

I just came to to the end of my treatment window in the second week of October and I am now getting the toxic meds out of my system.

Of course, this means the doctors have nothing further to offer except pain killers and moral support. But, they were wrong about how long I would be able to take the meds and about how long I would survive with or without treatment.
Bottom line is that whatever is going to happen will happen as God's will and so I keep a clear conscience and strive to regain a clean body.

This is me wishing you strength and success in your own campaign.

Old NFO said...

Hoping for a negative, and interested in the test...

Guffaw in AZ said...

Hang in there!
And good on you for trying whatever works!
Prayers and good thoughts your way!


NotClauswitz said...

Oh man, hope you get a clean bill of health,

Anonymous said...

Luck on the test, and keeping prayers going.

TinCan Assassin said...

No, you Borepatch. Labrat lives out west.