Thursday, November 13, 2014

Global Warming approaches

Snow in 42 of the lower 48 States.

Sure, this is weather not climate.  However, I didn't set the rules, which is any heat wave or drought (weather) is proof of Global Warming (climate).  Rules are rules, and all that.  I really have no choice here.


Aaron said...

Not to worry.

According to our modern Solons, this cold weather is also due to Global Warming - or Climate Change - or Climate Disruption as they now call it.

It's apparently an unfalsifiable theory that can do just about everything and we're heretics to question it.

Anonymous said...

I wish global warming would hurry the hell up.

Old NFO said...

They'll spin it... sigh

Anonymous said...

And I get to go up into the mountains tomorrow to do some surveying. yaayyyyy.