Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Remember how Obama was a super smart, super cool technocrat?

You know, one who would set policy based on the smartest analysis, rather than the way it was done by Chimpy McHalliburton?  Yeah, me neither:
President Obama completely fumbles when George Stephanopolous asks him how he’d respond if a future president takes the same action on taxes that Obama has taken on immigration. Incredibly, Obama responds as if he’d never heard or thought of this argument before, stumbling blindly along immigration talking points without answering the actual question.

Stephanopolous asked: “How do you respond to the argument, a future president comes in and wants lower taxes. Doesn’t happen. Congress won’t do it; so he says ‘I’m not going to prosecute those who don’t pay capital gains tax.’”

“The truth of the matter is George,” said the President, haltingly, “The reason that we, have to do.. uhm prosecutorial discretion in immigration, is that we know, that we – are not even close to being able to deal with the folks who have been here a long time…” Obama then pivoted to immigration talking points, without addressing the original question.
Nice crease in the trouser leg, though.


Wolfman said...

Political power and legal precedence are sticks that you give to your worst enemy. It's frustrating when people fail to realize that. Ask a liberal what they would think of President Newton Gingrich or President Richard Santorum wielding identical amounts of power. It's the same method by which the Emergency Preparedness Community is currently listed as 'high likelihood of domestic terrorist activity.' PATRIOT Act my shiny metal ass!

Goober said...

It never even occurred to his handlers that someone would ask this question, and to prep him for it?

Is this a sign of the fact that this administration has had so much of it's water carried for it by the press over the years that it is totally incapable of comprehending a media pool that isn't scrambling to cover for him?

Or the fact that he's surrounded himself with

Top. Men?

Or both?

How could you go into a news interview to talk about an executive order of unprecedented magnitude, and not be prepared to talk about it's unprecedented nature?

Anonymous said...

How could poor Obama anticipate an actual question from the US media?

housefitter said...

Was that a shiver you felt up your back? X-)